New Study Links Long-Term Elmiron Use to Vision Loss

New Study Links Long-Term Elmiron Use to Vision Loss

Very recently, researchers published the shocking results of their 2018 study into the side effects of long-term Elmiron use. You might know of Elmiron by its generic name, pentosan polysulfate (PPS). The drug is used to treat interstitial cystitis (IC), also known as “painful bladder.” Unfortunately, tens of thousands of people who have taken Elmiron long-term are now suffering from vision loss.

Doctors Nieraj Jain, Megha Shah, and med student Ogul E. Uner conducted an international survey of 912 people who have suffered from interstitial cystitis. As women are most at risk of suffering from “painful bladder,” the vast majority of the survey respondents were women. The median age of those studied was 55.

Of those studied, 762 respondents reported having PPS exposure. A whopping 18.6% of people with exposure had received a diagnosis of macular disease or maculopathy after extended use of PPS. Nearly one person out of five received a diagnosis of ocular disease.

The study found that the people with the highest exposures (300mg to 500 mg daily) over the longest period of time (more than eight years) were more likely to have difficulties reading small print and to have a macular disease diagnosis.

These diseases include, but are not limited to macular degeneration, maculopathy, and pigmentary maculopathy.

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