Have You Been Injured in a Collision While on a Motorcycle?

While motorcycle riders certainly enjoy the thrills of the road, they also routinely find themselves exposed to danger and risk of injury other motor vehicle drivers never face.

Despite modern safety equipment, protective clothing, and advances in helmet technology; the increased exposure of motorcycle riders put them in harm’s way every time they take to the streets.

Understand the Facts

Drivers of passenger cars and other motor vehicles often complain motorcyclists are difficult to see on the road. This lack of visibility—coupled with an overall lack of awareness on the part of many motorists—greatly increases the risk of collisions, serious injury, or even death for all riders.

The statistics tell us:

  • Two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles involve a violation of the rider’s right-of-way
  • Motorcyclists face a risk of fatal injury that is 26 times greater than that faced by automobile passengers
  • The chance of a motorcyclist being injured in a collision is five times greater than for automobile drivers
  • More than 70% of motorcycle accidents involving passenger cars or other vehicles will occur at intersections

Determining Fault

While laws governing motorcycle accidents are similar to automobile accidents, each case is unique. These complex claims require thorough investigation to determine which party is at fault.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Yost Legal Group are keenly familiar with motorcycle law, product liability issues, and even motorcycle manufacturer recalls that could potentially affect an accident claim. We examine actual or potential medical issues, traffic laws, and motor vehicle regulations to determine fault—as well as the extent of the responsible party’s liability.

Let Us Stand Up for You

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