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Riding a motorcycle may be a thrill, but motorcycle riders are routinely exposed to dangers that automobile drivers never have to think about. With nothing but their clothing, and perhaps a helmet, motorcycle riders put themselves in harm’s way every time they rev up and ride off. Automobile drivers also complain that motorcyclists are difficult to see on the road, and the risk of accidents, serious injuries, and even death, increases greatly.

Risks of the Road for Motorcycle Riders

    • Two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle also involve a violation of the motorcyclist’s right-of-way.
    • Motorcyclists’ risk of death is 26 times greater than automobile passengers.
    • The chance of a motorcyclist being injured in a collision is about 5 times greater than the same risk for automobile drivers.
    • More than 70% of motorcycle/automobile accidents occur at intersections

Aside from the danger caused by drivers who do not see a motorcyclist, a wide variety of driving conditions and road conditions can affect the motorcyclist, including:

    • Rider skill
    • Bike stability
    • Inclement weather
    • Potholes and ruts in the road
    • Oil slicks
    • Puddles
    • Debris or objects in the roadway
    • Uneven pavement
    • Railroad tracks
    • Mechanical failure

Who determines fault?

Laws governing motorcycle accidents are similar to automobile accidents. However, each case is unique and requires thorough investigation to determine fault. The experienced personal injury attorneys at The Yost Legal Group in Baltimore, Maryland are keenly familiar with Maryland motorcycle accident law, product liability issues and motorcycle manufacturer recalls that may impact your accident case. Our skilled motorcycle accident attorneys will pursue your personal injury claim against other drivers or other responsible parties to determine the extent of liability, actual and potential medical issues, and traffic law and motor vehicle regulation issues.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, it is imperative that you take steps to protect your rights. Please contact The Yost Legal Group in Baltimore, Maryland today to schedule a free motorcycle accident consultation to fully evaluate your claim.