Any type of auto accident can be dangerous and traumatic, but truck accidents have even more potential to cause injury and death. Because of the size and weight of semis and other commercial trucks, smaller vehicles are often far more severely damaged in a truck accident than they might be in a collision with another car. Knowing the dangers of truck accidents, truck drivers receive special safety training and usually drive more cautiously.

Despite truckers’ and trucking companies’ best efforts, truck accidents still happen because of road conditions and because trucking safety guidelines are not always enforced. For example, in an effort to make a tight deadline a driver might speed or stretch the limit on the number of consecutive hours he or she can drive. When those limits are stretched, driver fatigue can set in, meaning the driver cannot pay close enough attention to the road and may cause a truck accident that injures or even kills someone.

Driver Fatigue can be Deadly

The task of driving a large, heavy vehicle like a semi or tractor-trailer requires the driver’s full attention in order to recognize dangers on the highway. When truckers are fatigued, their awareness of the road and other drivers suffers, leading to truck accidents. Furthermore, the use of caffeine is common among truckers, but these stimulants only increase the feeling of alertness, not one’s actual ability to prevent truck accidents.

Despite the fact that nearly all companies employing truck drivers restrict the amount of time a driver can continuously operate his or her vehicle, not all drivers and companies follow these rules carefully. If a trucker is suffering from fatigue as a result of ignoring these rules, our Baltimore truck accident lawyers can help victims recover damages from the driver or the trucking company to compensate for any injuries they caused.

Getting Fair Compensation for Truck Accident Injuries

If the Baltimore personal injury attorneys of Yost Legal Group can demonstrate that your truck accident injury was the fault of the driver or trucking company, we can help to mitigate the financial burden of your injury. We will fight for just compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering. This compensation cannot cure your injuries or bring back a loved one whose wrongful death was caused by driver fatigue in a truck accident, but we believe that no family should have to cover all financial costs because of someone else’s negligence.

In most states, trucking companies or other companies using commercial vehicles must have liability insurance. This insurance is supposed to ensure that anyone injured or killed in a truck accident can receive compensation even if the trucking company cannot afford the cost directly.

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However, the insurance companies prefer not to pay the cost either, and they retain legal representation solely for the purpose of intimidating victims and denying their right to fair compensation. Therefore, Maryland truck accident victims need competent truck accident attorneys to get the compensation they deserve.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Maryland truck accident, please contact the experienced truck accident attorneys at Yost Legal Group to schedule a consultation.