“What are the most common causes of burn injuries?”

Though most people may think that burn injuries occur mostly in house fires, the most common causes are due to auto accidents, truck accidents, electrical accidents, chemical burns, scalding and hot water, and exploding appliances, such as hot water heaters, furnaces, and stoves. Burn injuries are the second leading cause of accidental death, after auto accidents.

What kinds of Burn Injuries are the most serious?

There are three degrees of burn injury: first, second, and third. First degree burns cause damage to the first layer of skin only, and usually heal within a week when a new layer of skin replaces the burned layer. Second degree burns cause blistering and moist-looking skin and affects the first and second layers of skin. Third degree burns affect all layers of skin, but also damage the underlying tissue. These wounds can look dry and are white or black. Third degree burns leave terrible scars.

Why are Burn Injuries so dangerous?

Your skin protects your tissue and organs from all sorts of elements, including heat and cold, but also keeps infection at bay. When the skin and tissue is damaged because of a serious burn, its ability to keep infection away is compromised. More people who die of burn injuries die because of infection.

What kind of treatment is there for victims of Burn Injuries?

There are 125 hospitals across the country that have specialized burn centers. Over 60% of Americans who suffer serious burns each year are admitted into one of these burn units. Long-term hospital care often requires skin grafting, rehabilitation, psychological counseling, and more. The physical and mental trauma of a burn injury can take a lifetime to deal with, both for the victim and their family. Severe burn injuries require costly medical care.

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