Construction is a major industry in this country.  Construction encompasses building roadways, office buildings, and homes.  Construction is frequently heavy industry which poses inherent risks.  Some areas of construction and specific companies have higher accident rates than the norm.  When avoidable accidents occur because workers were needlessly placed at risk of harm, they may be entitled to compensation.

Common Incidents on Construction Sites

An employee fall can cause severe injury and even wrongful death. Falls can be from scaffolding, ladders or roofs. If the workers do not have well-maintained equipment the risk is increased.

Machinery Malfunction
Annual injuries caused by faulty machinery is in the tens of thousands. Examples are forklifts and cranes collapsing. Even the best-trained workers might be hurt when machinery has not been routinely serviced or replaced.

Vehicle Accidents
Thousands of construction workers are hurt each year by vehicles. It may be because the drivers in construction zones do not keep to a slow enough speed or pay enough attention to the changing obstacles and shape of a construction site; or it may be caused by inadequate or missing signs.

Hearing Loss
Power tools and machinery typically create a loud noise and over time this can affect the hearing of those exposed to it every day. There may often be several simultaneous sources of noise, which increases the intensity and potential damage. Workers should be provided with hearing protection, but this is not always done.

Excavating Accidents
Frequently, construction involves digging underground with large equipment.  Workers are usually required to hand-dig portions before piping or metal forms are placed in the ground.  Those types of accidents cause catastrophic injury or death when there are cave-ins or when heavy equipment is being lowered into underground pipes when workers are present.  These types of accidents can easily be avoided by proper signaling, communication and shoring up excavation sites.

Obtaining Compensation for Baltimore Construction Injuries

Employees injured in a construction site accident are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits – income for lost wages, medical expenses, and any type of disability that arises from the work injury.

But these benefits typically do not cover all the expenses faced by an injured worker. If the accident is traced to another cause, such as the manufacturer of equipment or a contractor responsible for the jobsite, the employee can file a personal injury lawsuit.

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