$1,287,694.97 Awarded to Severely Autistic Young Man

The lawyers at The Yost Legal Group represented a severely autistic young man whose elbow was fractured by one of his caretakers at an adult services program, when the caretaker twisted and pulled our client’s arm behind his back.  As a result of the fracture, the Plaintiff was hospitalized for two months during which time he underwent multiple surgeries to repair the fracture and treat an infection that developed at the fracture site.  Ultimately, the Plaintiff’s dominant arm had to be fused at a 90-degree angle which prevents him from being able to do many of the day-to-day tasks that had taken years for him to learn to do for himself.

The case went to trial and on October 6, 2021, a Montgomery County, Maryland jury found in favor of the Plaintiff and The Yost Legal Group obtained a verdict in the amount of $1,287,694.97.

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