School Bus Accidents


According to recent statistics, as many as 450,000 school buses transport our children to and from school every day in the U.S. The last thing parents think about when waving goodbye to their child is the child’s safety while riding the bus. Our children are, however, at serious risk.

One of the risks children face while riding the school bus is the sheer size of the bus. While school buses generally travel at low speeds, the bulk of the bus can create a danger for other drivers and for young bus passengers.

What are some of the factors causing school bus accidents?

• Driver negligence
• Dangerous roadways
• Weather conditions
• Improper maintenance
• A defective bus

Companies that maintain public transportation vehicles can be held liable for the safety of their vehicles. Still, as many as 17,000 children visit emergency rooms each year due to school bus accidents. Since 1990, more than 1,450 people have died due to school bus-related accidents. More than forty percent of those deaths occurred between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Bus rollovers, collisions with or without the involvement of another vehicle, and erratic bus drivers themselves put the lives of America’s children, and other innocent victims, at risk of death or serious physical injury, every school day.

These serious bodily injuries include:

• Head injury
Burn Injuries
• Fractured bones
Brain injuries
Spinal cord injuries
• Cuts and bruising
• Internal injuries
Wrongful Death

A school bus accident can change the life of a child and his or her family in an instant. Recovery may involve surgery or numerous specialist visits. The cost of medical treatment for school bus-related injuries is likely to be expensive, causing stress on family finances.

But there is hope. Consulting with a skilled bus accident injury lawyer can help you recover monetary compensation for your child’s injuries and medical costs. You may be able to file a claim against the company that maintains the bus, or against other parties involved in the accident. At The Yost Legal Group in Baltimore, Maryland, our experienced team of school bus accident attorneys will provide your family with compassion and understanding, while aggressively pursuing your claim against the responsible party. We commit fully to representing you, uncompromisingly seeking the answers needed in your case to get you the compensation you deserve.

To make an informed decision about your rights, and to obtain the justice you deserve, please contact The Yost Legal Group to schedule your school bus accident consultation.