Have You Suffered a Spinal Cord Injury?


A spinal cord injury is one of the most devastating injuries a person can suffer. It can result in paralysis or loss of mobility. It is an injury in which physical trauma damages cells in the spinal cord.

Every year, 10,000 Americans experience partial or complete paralysis after a spine injury. The effects can last a lifetime. This type of injury changes not only the life of the injured person but also their family members.

What you need to know about spinal cord injuries

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that runs from the brain down through the back. When the spine sustains damage, it can compress or sever these nerves. This leads to a loss of sensation and mobility. This type of injury can happen from:

–      Car accidents

–      Slip and fall accidents

–      Sports injuries

–      Medical mistakes and surgical errors

–      Work-related injuries

–      Construction accidents

–      Any instance where there is a blow to the spine

After a spine injury, it’s essential to get medical help immediately. The first few hours and days after an injury can be crucial in determining the extent of permanent damage.

When seeking medical attention, make sure to mention any problems you are experiencing with your limbs, breathing, or other bodily functions. It’s essential to get the correct diagnosis and to follow the recommended treatment plan from a spine specialist.

Recovering from a spinal cord injury can be a long process that may involve surgery, rehabilitation, and ongoing care. It is essential to have a support system in place during this time.

Motor vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States.

What are the leading causes of spinal cord injury?

Car accidents are the leading cause of spinal injuries. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, about 39% of all spinal cord injuries are caused by car accidents. In most cases, the injury is a result of a violent impact that causes the spine to compress or fracture. The severity of the spinal cord injury depends on the impact and the force applied to the spine. Seat belts and airbags can prevent spinal cord injuries in car accidents, but sometimes the impact is too strong.

Falls are the second most common cause. Fall accidents account for about 31% of all spinal cord injury cases. Falls can occur in various settings, such as from ladders, roofs, stairs, or scaffolding. In older adults, falls are a leading cause of spinal injuries, often resulting from weakened bones or balance issues. Falls that cause head or neck injuries can result in serious injuries. This is especially true if the person lands on their head or neck.

Sports-related injuries are also common, particularly in high-impact sports like football, rugby, or wrestling. Sports injuries account for about 10% of all spinal cord injuries. In most cases, the injury is a result of a collision that causes the spine to bend, twist, or compress. Wearing proper safety gear and following the rules of the sport can help prevent spinal cord injuries in sports.

Medical or surgical mistakes can also cause spinal injuries. During a surgical procedure, mistakes can damage the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis or other disabilities. Medical conditions like infections, tumors, or blood clots can also compress or damage the spinal cord, resulting in significant health challenges.

Doctor reviewing scans of a young man who suffered a spinal cord injury in a serious car accident.

What are the different kinds of spinal cord injuries people can suffer?

  1. Complete Spinal Cord Injuries:

Complete spine injuries occur when the spinal cord is fully severed. With this type of injury, the injured person loses all sensory and motor functions below the point of injury. A complete spinal cord injury at the neck level leads to quadriplegia. This means it affects the person’s arms and legs. An injury at the waist level leads to paraplegia. This only affects the legs. The most common causes of this type of injury include automobile accidents, falls, and sports-related injuries.

  1. Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries:

Incomplete injuries are partial spinal cord injuries. They leave the injured person with some level of sensation or mobility below the point of injury. This type of injury includes:

–      Anterior cord syndrome

–      Central cord syndrome

–      Brown-Sequard syndrome

Anterior cord syndrome affects the front part of the spinal cord, leaving the person with no motor functions but some sensation. When the middle of the spinal cord is injured, it causes greater arm weakness compared to leg weakness. This results in central cord syndrome. Brown-Séquard syndrome damages half of the spinal cord, leading to a loss of mobility and sensation on one side and loss of pain sensation on the other side.

  1. Cervical Spinal Cord Injuries:

Cervical injuries affect the neck area, which is the most common site for spinal injuries. Cervical spine injuries can lead to complete or incomplete paralysis of the arms, legs, and torso, depending on the location and severity of the injury. Car accidents falls, and sports injuries are the most common causes of cervical spine injuries.

  1. Thoracic Spinal Cord Injuries:

Thoracic injuries occur in the middle section of the spinal cord and are less common than cervical or lumbar spinal cord injuries. These injuries can lead to paralysis of the legs and the trunk, as well as other complications such as difficulty breathing. Motor vehicle collisions, falls, and sports injuries are causes of thoracic injuries.

  1. Lumbar Spinal Cord Injuries:

Lumbar injuries affect the lower back area and can cause paralysis or weakness in the legs and hips. The severity of this type of injury varies, depending on the location and extent of the injury. Blunt force trauma, falls, and other types of injuries can cause these injuries as well.

Medical or surgical mistakes can also cause spinal cord injuries. During a surgical procedure, mistakes can damage the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis or other disabilities.

How The Yost Legal Group Can Help

Sustaining a serious catastrophic injury can lead to lifelong medical expenses, emotional trauma, physical therapy, household modifications, and more. It can be a devastating experience for both the injured person and their loved ones.

If you or someone you know has suffered a serious injury in an accident that was someone else’s fault, it’s important to hire an experienced spinal injury lawyer. Receiving the maximum compensation from the responsible parties’ insurance company will help you throughout your lifetime.

Pursuing a personal injury claim can be complex and overwhelming. Especially when dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath of the accident. This is where an experienced personal injury lawyer comes in. Sadly, insurance companies will dispute liability or challenge damages after an accident.

Our experienced brain and spine injury attorneys will work to get you paid for your:

–      Medical bills

–      Lost wages

–      All rehabilitation and therapy costs

–      Home modifications

–      Specialty vehicles

–      Specialized medical equipment

–      Lost wages and lost earning capacity

–      Disfigurement and quality of life loss

–      Pain and suffering

Call our top-rated personal injury law firm

The Yost Legal Group spinal cord injury attorneys will handle every aspect of your accident claim. Our accident attorneys will file your spinal cord injury claim and handle all of the insurance paperwork.

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