Uber/Lyft Accident Claims

Uber/Lyft Accident Claims

Understanding Uber and Lyft Car Accident Claims in Maryland

If you have been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, you may wonder who is responsible for your injuries and damages. While pursuing compensation after a vehicle accident can already be challenging, a collision involving a rideshare can present additional complications. 

Determining liability can be complex in accidents involving Uber or Lyft vehicles. Both companies provide insurance coverage for their drivers, but the amount of coverage depends on the driver’s status at the time of the accident. 

If the driver was not logged into the app at the time of the accident, their personal auto insurance policy would likely apply. However, if they were logged in but had yet to accept a ride request, supplemental coverage from Uber or Lyft may come into play. 

In cases where the driver was actively transporting a passenger, additional coverage is provided by the rideshare company.

At The Yost Legal Group, one of our rideshare accident attorneys can help determine damages for your Uber or Lyft accident. 

Injured in an Uber or Lyft Accident? Find Out Your Legal Options

In Maryland, state law requires all rideshare drivers to carry minimum insurance coverage, including liability protection for bodily injury and property damage. 

If you suffer injuries in an Uber or Lyft accident as a passenger or another motorist, you may have options for seeking compensation from multiple sources. 

These are all great reasons to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your injury case. Every personal injury case is different, and determining who was at fault for the accident takes a thorough investigation.

Working with an experienced attorney who understands how to navigate these complexities and ensure you receive total and fair compensation for your injuries is essential.

In addition to insurance considerations, other factors may impact liability in Uber and Lyft accidents. For example, determining fault can become even more complicated if another driver caused the accident or if poor road conditions played a role. 

This is why having legal representation is crucial in these situations. A skilled attorney will investigate all aspects of your case to identify all potentially liable parties and build a strong case on your behalf.

At The Yost Legal Group, our team has extensive experience handling serious car accident claims. We understand the nuances of rideshare insurance policies and know how to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions. 

Whether you were a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle or were struck by one as a pedestrian or another motorist, we are here to help you seek justice.


Rideshare Risks Rise: Traffic Fatalities Increase Since Uber and Lyft

More and more rideshare accident injuries are happening. Research by the University of Chicago shows that the popularity of rideshares has led to a 3% increase in traffic fatalities since Uber and Lyft entered the market.

This means that more rideshare passengers, drivers, and other vehicle operators are facing losses and injuries due to rideshare accidents.

Determining the responsible party in these accidents is crucial to ensuring injured parties receive the compensation they deserve. 

An experienced legal team can handle the entire claims process, including:

  • getting police reports
  • gathering evidence
  • recovering medical bills and lost wages
  • compensation for medical care at home
  • negotiating with the insurance companies

Determining liability for an Uber or Lyft accident can be complex in Maryland and surrounding states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, DC. 

Rideshare companies usually provide insurance for their drivers while they are working. However, there are times when someone else is responsible for the accident. An experienced Uber accident lawyer can help determine who was at fault.

Who’s at Fault? The Complicated Aftermath of Rideshare Accidents

A skilled rideshare accident lawyer can investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and help identify all potentially liable parties.

When hurt in a rideshare accident, determining liability can be challenging. 

In traditional car accidents, one or both drivers are typically held responsible. However, in rideshare accidents, multiple parties may be at fault. 

This could include the rideshare driver, the other driver involved in the accident, the rideshare company itself, or even third parties such as maintenance companies or other drivers on the road.

If you have been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, it is vital to seek legal representation as soon as possible from an Uber injury lawyer.

Identifying all potentially liable parties requires a thorough investigation and legal expertise that only an experienced rideshare accident lawyer can provide.

An experienced personal injury attorney at The Yost Legal Group can help you navigate the complexities of these cases. Our experienced rideshare injury lawyers will work to secure fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

Please know you do not have to navigate the legal process alone.

By seeking guidance from a qualified rideshare accident attorney, you can ensure your rights are protected, and you receive the compensation you deserve.


Types of Compensation Available After a Rideshare Accident

After an accident, you could be eligible for various types of compensation. 

Medical Expenses

  • Hospital stays
  • Doctor visits
  • Surgery
  • Prescription medication
  • Medical equipment
  • Physical or occupational therapy
  • Home healthcare

Lost Wages

  • Income lost from work missed due to injuries
  • Difference in income if injuries prevent you from earning your pre-accident level income

Pain and Suffering

  • Physical and mental anguish caused by the accident 
  • Loss of quality of life

Loss of Consortium/Companionship

  • Spouse and family’s loss of your society, companionship, and services

Don’t hesitate to seek the compensation you deserve.

Protect Your Rights After an Uber or Lyft Accident

While Uber’s website provides instructions on filing a claim, having a dedicated advocate on your side is essential. Don’t rely solely on the rideshare company’s guidance. Get the expert support you need for the best possible outcome.

How to Get Fair Compensation After a Rideshare Crash 

Contact The Yost Legal Group for help. One of our Lyft accident lawyers will explain the process of filing a lawsuit against Lyft or Uber.

Our Uber car accident lawyers are here to help you understand your rights. We will guide and support you during this challenging time. You may be entitled to compensation because your rideshare driver was negligent.

When seriously injured in an Uber driver accident, we can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. 

An attorney can also help you by building a solid case. They will negotiate with insurance companies and ride-sharing companies to seek compensation for your injuries and other losses. 

Call us for a free consultation, where we will answer all of your questions. 

Before you call the insurance company, contact The Yost Legal Group. We can handle filing your injury claim so you can focus on your recovery.

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