Juvenile Detention Center Sexual Abuse

Juvenile Detention Center Sexual Abuse Claims


Sexual abuse is fundamentally a horrible abuse of power by a person in authority.  Sometimes, the abuser is a trusted professional within the community, such as a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, or a coach.

Many government employees are put in positions of authority over citizens, which creates an opportunity to sexually abuse vulnerable children and adults. It is up to these institutions to put in place safeguards to protect people against abuse of power and sexual abuse.

When they fail to do so, these same institutions may be able to be held legally responsible for the harm caused.

Holding institutions accountable for sexual assault

We must prioritize the safety and well-being of vulnerable children, teenagers, and adults from sexual abuse. Especially while in the care of government institutions.

At The Yost Legal Group, we are committed to addressing wrongdoing and stopping it from happening again. Sometimes, reports of abuse are not properly investigated, and necessary actions are not taken.

This allows sexual predators to continue harming others over a long period of time. Sometimes, government institutions may even cover up these assaults and abuse to avoid being held accountable.

These failures can be grounds for legal action against a state, local government agency, or private institution. State and federal laws have established guidelines for how government agencies should handle claims of sexual abuse.

Often, government agencies have policies, but they:

– Fail to follow their own policies.

– Fail to investigate complaints properly.

– Fail to protect the children, teenagers, and adults in their care.

– Fail to correct the problems for years or decades

This leads to protecting abusers instead of children.

At The Yost Legal Group, we’re fighting to end sexual abuse in institutional settings. Our experienced sexual abuse lawyers are ready to help you hold these institutions accountable.

We’re currently investigating claims of sexual abuse in various institutional environments, including:

– Police custody sexual assault claims

– Juvenile detention centers abuse claims

– Prison and local jails rape claims

– Child protective services and foster care child sexual abuse claims

– State-run hospitals abuse claims

Your voice matters, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to our child sexual abuse lawyers today. Learn how we can help you seek the justice and compensation you deserve.

Woman raped by a guard while incarcerated in jail in Baltimore, Maryland.

Holding state and government agencies accountable for sex abuse

Hiring the right lawyer to hold government agencies and institutions accountable can make all the difference. You may be entitled to financial compensation for the abuse you suffered. A financial recovery can help you afford the necessary resources and care, making your life a bit easier.

If you are a survivor of institutional sexual abuse due to a government agency’s failure to protect you, you’re not alone. Many other survivors want to come forward to hold abusers responsible and prevent further abuse. Their main concern is making a real impact.

It is crucial to hire the best sexual assault law firm for your claim. You’ll want to hire a law firm with the financial resources to take on government and large private organizations.

At the Yost Legal Group, we have the resources to fight for your justice. We’ll stand up for you, protect your rights, and fight to protect your rights to the fullest.

What is the Time Limit to File a Sex Assault Case?

Most survivors of child sexual abuse wait decades before they come forward. In some states, there may be no deadline to pursue a claim, so the delay does not change their rights.

Maryland has implemented a law allowing survivors of childhood sexual abuse to file a claim at any point while the survivor is alive. Even if the abuse occurred 20, 30, 40, or 50 years ago, it is not too late to file a claim.

Many other states have enacted laws extending the time limits for filing sexual assault and abuse claims against organizations.

If you want to know whether you still have time to file a claim, call The Yost Legal Group. If you have questions about your state laws about holding your abuser accountable, contact us. We’ll speak with you at no cost and answer your questions.

Our compassionate child molestation lawyers are here to support you. They will provide a free consultation, listen to your story, and inform you of your rights.

Sexual assault by a police officer on a woman in police custody in Baltimore.

Police officer and police department sexual assault claims

Some government employees have tremendous power over individuals just because of their position. Few state and local government employees have more control over people’s lives than police officers.

The news is full of examples of officers abusing their power to commit sexual assault on people who have been detained. A police officer cannot have sex with someone they have stopped or someone they are threatening to arrest.

Stories of police rape while in custody make headlines all the time. Police sexual abuse can not be tolerated. Being raped while in police custody is a trauma that no one should have to experience.

At Yost Legal Group, we help people who were sexually assaulted while in prison or in police custody.

Sexual Assault in Juvenile Detention Center Baltimore

Juvenile detention center sex abuse claims

A troubling issue looms in the shadows of local institutional government: sexual assault in juvenile detention centers. These centers meant to house and rehabilitate young offenders, often become hotspots for exploitation.

Innocent minors, already vulnerable due to their young age, are frequently subjected to sexual assault and abuse within these facilities. Shockingly, many of these cases go unreported, leaving victims without justice. Prison rape in juvenile detention centers happens all too often. A sexual assault lawyer can help protect your rights when the unthinkable happens.

Every juvenile in a detention center has the right to safety and freedom from harm. The guards and staff are responsible for protecting these young individuals from the horrors of sexual abuse.

Tragically, there are cases where the very people who are supposed to ensure safety become the abusers themselves. Additionally, younger juveniles are sometimes left defenseless against older individuals who prey on them.

The government agencies overseeing the detention centers can be held accountable for failing to protect vulnerable juveniles from sexual abuse.

Jail sexual assault claims

All too often, jail guards use their power to sexually abuse inmates. An inmate can’t consent when detained and has no liberty or freedom. It is never appropriate for a guard to have sexual contact or sexual relations with their prisoner. These are clear cases of sexual abuse.

Suffering rape while in police custody in jails and correctional facilities causes severe trauma, even years after the event occurred. The pain and suffering that all sexual assault survivors carry with them can take years to work through with professional help.

Teenage woman Raped by an Attendant in a State Run Hospital in Baltimore.

Rape Claims in Government Hospitals

In psychiatric and institutionalized hospitals, individuals often face a heightened risk of abuses of power. Many patients are unable to advocate for themselves due to medication or their inability to communicate their experiences. Unfortunately, this vulnerability creates opportunities for sexual predators to exploit these patients.

Sexual abuse in hospitals happens all too often. The physical injuries of sexual violence by a staff member are traumatic and life-changing. Victims of sexual abuse in a government-run hospital or healthcare facility have rights, and we will protect them.

Distressing instances have been reported, such as the abuse of comatose patients who cannot give consent and the repeated sexual abuse of mentally incapacitated individuals under medication.

By pursuing a sex abuse case, not only can you seek justice, but you can also bring attention to the failures within the system. Organizations must take action and establish policies to ensure the safety of people through improved hiring, supervision, training, and investigation practices.

We must prioritize our children’s and community’s well-being by holding these government institutions accountable for sexual assault.

Hire a sex abuse lawyer at The Yost Legal Group to file your claim

If you or a loved one has been a victim, it is crucial to take action. Contact a compassionate and knowledgeable rape lawyer from The Yost Legal Group. We can provide guidance on your rights and help you file a claim. Together, we can work toward justice and ensure the safety and well-being of all.

We represent vulnerable individuals sexually assaulted

The statute of limitations for sexual assault claims has been lifted in the state of Maryland and many other states. Sexual abuse that could have been prevented is an issue that our institutions have tolerated for far too long.

You can take your power back by hiring a top sexual assault attorney. Our lawyers for sexual abuse have represented many abuse survivors over the years. Whether your sexual abuse was in a mental hospital or sexual abuse while in foster care, we will fight to protect your rights.

Together, we can create a safer future. Call The Yost Legal Group at 1-800-967-8529 to speak with one of the compassionate abuse lawyers for free. We will answer your questions and fight to ensure your rights are respected, upheld, and protected.