Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against Archdiocese of Maryland

Church Sexual Abuse Claims Against the Archdiocese of Baltimore

The Catholic church is one of the world’s oldest institutions, with millions of followers worldwide. Many attend church to connect with others and find comfort and guidance in their faith.

However, for thousands of children, participating in church activities and attending local Catholic schools, after-school programs, and camps was a nightmare.

Under the watch of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, hundreds and possibly thousands of children fell victim to sexual abuse.

The Yost Legal Group is now filing church sexual abuse claims for survivors. If you are a survivor of child sexual abuse, our experienced sexual assault lawyers are here to help you.

Survivors of molestation and sexual abuse in the Catholic church can come forward.

Time is running out to file your claim. Let us seek the justice and financial compensation you deserve. Let us help you regain your power and make the church accountable.

Attorney General’s Report on Child Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese of Baltimore

The Attorney General’s Investigation on Child Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese of Baltimore

In 2018, the Maryland Office of the Attorney General took action to uncover the truth behind allegations of child sexual abuse within the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

Their Grand Jury investigation looked into the involvement of clergy, seminarians, deacons, and Archdiocese employees in these criminal acts.

The Office of the Attorney General uncovered the Catholic Church’s attempts to conceal hundreds of acts of child sexual abuse. The Grand Jury of Baltimore City issued subpoenas to the Archdiocese, individual parishes, religious orders, and St. Mary’s Seminary.

Hundreds of thousands of documents dating back to the 1940s were produced in response to the subpoenas. The documents included treatment reports, personnel records, transfer reports, and policies and procedures.

In a determined quest for justice, the Office of the Attorney General told how the Archdiocese chose to protect the church instead of the children.

The Attorney General’s Report on Child Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese of Baltimore

In April 2023, a 463-page report was released based on material obtained from the Office of the Attorney General’s email and phone hotline, victim and witness interviews, and open-source media.

It also included electronic documents provided by the Archdiocese of Baltimore in response to Grand Jury subpoenas and reporting letters from the Archdiocese.

The released report by Attorney General Anthony Brown contained detailed descriptions of sexual abuse and other sexual misconduct against children.

It includes a list of 156 abusers, including Fathers, Monsignors, Brothers, Deacons, Sisters, and staff of the church.

The lengthy investigation uncovered a systemic pattern of covering up abuse by priests, teachers, and even employees of the church.

Young children complained to their parents, church officials, and others for decades, but the Archdiocese ignored their complaints. Many children never came forward, leading to years of silence and trauma.

The Disturbing Prevalence of Child Abuse within the Church

The investigation exposed a profoundly troubling and widespread pattern of abuse taking place within the confines of the church. Shockingly, children were subjected to assault during many church-related activities.

Perhaps even more heart-wrenching is the fact that these young victims often placed the burden of blame upon themselves.

As a result of the heinous abuse, these children have been forced to bear the heavy weight of trauma, which has manifested in numerous detrimental ways.

Depression, anxiety, and even drug addiction have become unfortunate realities for many of these abused children. Abuse survivors suffer from a range of behavioral and emotional challenges, which contribute to a deep sense of low self-esteem and anxiety.

Providing Support for Abuse Survivors in Maryland

It is with great concern and care that we share this information.

The Yost Legal Group is confronting the church head-on by filing claims against the Archdiocese of Baltimore on behalf of survivors.

We are prioritizing the well-being of the individuals abused by the church. And we are taking steps to offer support, healing, and justice.

Many victims of sexual abuse in the catholic church kept their silence. This led to years of trauma and other abusive relationships. Church officials often discouraged them from taking legal action, blaming the victims themselves.

The Catholic Church officials in the Archdiocese of Baltimore chose to protect their reputation rather than protect its flock.

A new Maryland Law Protects Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse.

Maryland recently passed a new law in 2023 that initially allowed victims of sexual abuse by the Archdiocese of Baltimore an unlimited window to come forward and seek justice.

This law allows victims to hold the Archdiocese of Baltimore accountable for the abuse they have experienced. Regardless of how long ago the abuse happened.

The Yost Legal Group represents hundreds of survivors, including people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s, and even 70s.

It is now more important than ever to file your clergy sexual abuse claim now.

Archdiocese of Baltimore Files for Bankruptcy

On October 3, 2023, the Archdiocese of Baltimore filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. They filed the day before the new law went into effect. They feared hundreds would file lawsuits.

Bankruptcy now limits the time window for when you can file a claim.

There is still time to come forward, make your claim, and be heard.

As a survivor of Baltimore sexual abuse in the catholic church, your rights matter. You can seek justice, but time is limited.

We must file your claim by May 31, 2024, or you may lose your right ever to make a claim. We will seek financial damages for pain, suffering, and physical injuries on your behalf. We can make your claim anonymously in the bankruptcy court.

Seeking Justice for Survivors

The Yost Legal Group Seeks Justice for Survivors of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

Our church sexual abuse lawyers believe that survivors deserve justice. Our compassionate child sexual abuse lawyers have experience fighting for the rights of survivors of sexual abuse. We will talk to you in confidence and explain your rights.

We understand the profound impact that child sexual abuse can have on a survivor, including physical and psychological harm and the lifelong trauma that can result.

We believe those who have suffered at the hands of others should not have to face their pain alone. We work to obtain a catholic church sexual abuse settlement for our clients.

One of the ways we are helping survivors is by filing claims against the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The church had a duty to protect the vulnerable and to take swift action when allegations of abuse were made.

When they failed in this duty, survivors were left to suffer the consequences. By filing a claim on behalf of survivors, we can hold the church accountable for their inaction and seek justice for those harmed.

Why hire The Yost Legal Group to file your abuse claim?

At the Yost Legal Group, we don’t just help survivors by filing claims on their behalf. We are here to support survivors throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the resolution of their claims.

Our Catholic church sexual abuse lawyers offer a safe space for survivors to share their stories without judgment and with the knowledge that their voices matter.

We are here to listen, to offer guidance, and to explain the process.

We understand that the legal process can be daunting, especially for survivors who are already dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse.

That’s why we offer our services on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will only have to pay if you receive compensation.

We believe that financial barriers should never stand in the way of survivors seeking justice.

You can contact us by calling 800-967-8529 for your free and confidential consultation. We will explain your rights and how we will file your claim.

If you or a loved one were sexually abused under the watch of the church, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free consultation. Remember, your voice matters, and we are here to support you every step of the way.