Settlements & Verdicts

The following are results that we have achieved for actual clients.  The facts of individual cases vary and these are not necessarily indicative of the value of another case.  These results can be helpful to illustrate the experience of the team of lawyers at The Yost Legal Group.

$290,000 Settlement Dog Bite

While walking her dog, a woman suffered significant injury when another dog ran off the front porch of its owner’s home and instigated a fight with the woman’s dog. The woman tried to break up the fight between the dogs and was bitten on her hand, and ultimately, the bite became infected, and she suffered significant nerve damage causing numbness and weakness in her hand. The Yost Legal Group obtained a settlement of $290,000.

$400,000 Verdict Wrongful Death / Police Officer Drives into Pedestrian

A Maryland State employee failed to see a stopped vehicle with its hazard lights activated on the highway and swerved into the shoulder, striking, and killing a man who had pulled onto the shoulder to retrieve a washing machine that fell out of the back of his pickup truck onto the roadway. The Yost Legal Group represented the family of the man who was struck and killed for the emotional harm suffered by the loss of their loved one. The State argued that the man was contributorily negligent and responsible for his own death in failing to properly strap-down the washing machine to his vehicle. The Yost Legal Group successfully argued that the deceased man’s negligence, if any, was not the proximate cause of the collision, and the judge agreed, awarding $400,000 to the family, the most money that can be awarded against the State of Maryland under Maryland law.

$200,000 Settlement Auto Accident

Army veteran suffered permanent lower back injury and mild traumatic brain injury when a man blew through a red-light at an intersection and struck the veteran in the intersection. The insurance companies claimed that the man’s injuries and deficits were the result of pre-existing conditions. The Yost Legal Group obtained a settlement of $200,000 out of $250,000 of available insurance coverage. 

$325,000 Verdict Auto Accident / Police Officer Makes Left Turn into Path of Driver

 Man suffered permanent shoulder injury and traumatic brain injury when a Baltimore City Police Officer made a left-hand turn in front of his vehicle. The city argued that the man was contributorily negligent in causing the collision due to the fact that he was traveling in a lane where parking was permitted. The Yost Legal Group successfully eliminated the City’s liability argument, and a jury awarded the man $325,000 solely for his non-economic damages. The maximum recoverable amount the man could have received under Maryland law was $400,000. 

Confidential Settlement Auto Accident / Vehicle Rollover Causing Catastrophic Injuries

A family of five severely injured when their vehicle rolled over due to the tire falling off the axle. One was ejected from the vehicle. Several received traumatic brain injuries. The family had recently had their car serviced by a national car repair/servicing chain. When the lawyers at the Yost Legal Group were hired, the car was no longer available. It had been declared a total loss and sold for salvage. The lawyers were able to reconstruct what caused the tire to fall off through expert forensic engineers. After three days of trial the family settled their case for a significant confidential amount. 

$7,000,000 Settlement Defective Pharmaceutical Drug

Middle-aged woman injured as a result of taking defective pharmaceutical, suffered complete disability, shortened life and terminal illness.  Confidentiality agreement as to parties’ identities.