Recent Results


The following are real life clients that we have represented. Although these are real examples of the problems our clients face after a devastating injury, each client’s injuries and situation are different and require a skilled personal injury lawyer to represent their rights to the fullest.

$1,200,000 Commercial Transit Bus Runs Stop Sign Verdict

A passenger in a car was on his way to a family member’s funeral when he was severely injured. A transit bus operator failed to obey a stop sign. The man suffered fractures to his shoulder blade, right wrist and right femur that required multiple corrective surgeries totaling $85,000 in medical expenses. The bus company’s last offer was $230,000. In April 2017, the jury awarded $1.2 million dollars after a three day trial. The verdict was reduced to $855,000 because of Maryland’s cap on non-economic damages.

“Our goal is to hold corporations that needlessly harm individuals fully accountable for their actions.” – Mike Pulver, Attorney with Yost Legal Group

$1,900,000 Lead Paint Poisoning Settlement

Twin girls were exposed to toxic lead paint in a Baltimore rental property between 1996 and 1998. Testing revealed that both girls were found to have lead levels more than 400% higher than the current action level for pediatricians set by the CDC. In 1998 one of the girls was diagnosed with a speech disorder, and at age 19 her reading ability was at the level of a 4th grader. The other twin had behavior problems starting around age 3, which continued into her adult life. The mother and daughters settled their case against the Landlord before trial for $1,900,000.

$7,000,000 Defective Pharmaceutical Settlement

Middle-aged woman injured as a result of taking defective pharmaceutical, suffered complete disability, shortened life and terminal illness.  Confidentiality agreement as to parties’ identities.

$4,300,000 Sex Abuse Settlement

A case involving clergy sex abuse.

$4,250,000 Medical Malpractice – Paraplegia/Surgical Error Settlement

Doctor’s error caused child to be paralyzed.  One sedated child was dropped off operating table.  The parties’ names are confidential.

$3,500,000 Defective Pharmaceutical Settlement

Woman suffered death as a result of defective pharmaceutical after prolonged period of disability.  Confidentiality agreement as to parties’ identities.

$3,000,000 Traumatic Brain Injury/School Bus Accident Settlement

Two brothers were struck by their school bus driver after being dropped off by the bus. The one brother sustained minor injuries and the other brother sustained a traumatic brain injury. The case settled on the scheduled trial date.

$2,500,000 Defective Pharmaceutical Settlement

Middle-aged man requires heart surgery after taking defective pharmaceutical.

$2,500,000 Defective Drug Settlement

A newborn baby suffered death after being given a defective drug.

$2,000,000 Product Liability Settlement

Product liability case – Confidential product details.

$1,500,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement

Malpractice over a medication that caused death.

$1,500,000 Auto Accident Settlement

Settlement reached regarding death of mother in auto accident.

$1,400,000 Pharmaceutical Drug Settlement

A pharmaceutical drug caused serious harm to our client.

$1,200,000 Lead Paint Poisoning Settlement

Lead Paint Poisoning case settled before trial.

$1,150,000 Auto Accident Settlement

A married woman in her 50′s was hit by a company truck driven by an unlicensed illegal alien.

$1,000,000 Lead Paint Settlement

We settled a lead paint case where two children were compensated for developing ADHD and behavioral problems from exposure to lead based paint.

Confidential Cerebral Palsy/Birth Trauma – Medical Malpractice Settlement

A newborn was given the wrong dose of heparin, which caused the brain to bleed. Due to a medical error during the delivery process. The case settled confidentially, for an undisclosed amount.

$833,000 Lead Paint Poisoning Settlement

Two-year-old child was poisoned by lead based paint and we got the landlord to settle this case, to help cover the cost of care for the child.

$800,000 Lead Paint Poisoning Settlement

Two children were exposed to lead at ages two and three by a landlord.  Landlord settled the case without trial.  One child has done remarkably well and is attending college.  The younger child was not able to graduate high school and is seeking a GED.

$630,000 Lead Paint Settlement

Lead paint verdict was won against the Housing Authority of Baltimore City when we proved that a young boy was exposed to lead from paint on the outside of his rental house.

$600,000 Auto Accident Settlement

A man was injured in a rear end collision, in Prince George’s County, that resulted in him having to undergo two back surgeries.

Confidential – Wrongful Death/Train Accident Settlement

This case involved a Federal Employee Liability Act (FELA) Settlement. An Amtrak railroad worker was struck and killed by high speed train

$550,000 Tractor Trailer Accident Settlement

A truck driver was killed when his truck overturned and he was killed. His parents received the settlement.