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Verdicts & Settlements

Baltimore, Maryland

April, 2013

Two year old child poisoned by lead based paint. Landlord settles for 833,000.00.

January 2013 – medical malpractice.

Newborn is given wrong dose of heprin, causes brain bleed. Case settled confidentially, injury cerebral palsy.

October 2012

2012 settlement of 3 million dollars for two brothers who were struck by their school bus driver after being dropped off by a bus. The one sustained minor injuries and the other sustained a traumatic brain injury. The case settled on scheduled trial date.

Lead Paint Settlement

2010 lead paint poisoning case settles before trial - $1.2 million

Truck Accident Settlement

2010 truck accident settlement - Truck driver is killed when truck overturns. His parents win settlement - $550,000

Federal Employee Liability Act (FELA) Confidential Settlement

2010 FELA settlement - Amtrak railroad worker is struck and killed by high speed train - Confidential settlement.

Medical Malpractice Confidential Settlement

2010 medical malpractice settlement - Husband receives confidential settlement when hospital does not take necessary steps to avoid pulmonary embolism and death of his wife.

Pharmaceutical Drug Case

Recent case: Pharmaceutical drug causes harm – Confidential settlement, 1.4 Million

Auto Accident Case

Married woman in her 50's is hit by company truck driven by unlicensed illegal alien – Confidential settlement, 1.15 Million

Product Liability Case

2007 product liability case – Confidential settlement, 2 Million

Product Liability Case

2004 product liability – Confidential settlement, 3.5 Million

Other years and confidential settlements

Product liability 8 Million, 8 Million, 2.5 Million, 2.5 Million

Medical malpractice 3.5 Million

Lead Paint Verdict

2003 lead paint verdict against Housing Authority of Baltimore City young boy is exposed to lead from paint on outside of rental house – $630,000

Lead Paint Settlement

2004 lead paint settlement where child is exposed to lead dust receives compensation for behavioral problems, ADHD – $700,000

Lead Paint Settlement

2008 lead paint settlement where 2 children compensated for ADHD and behavioral problems – 1 Million

Auto Accident Verdict

2004 auto accident verdict in Prince Georges County. Man has two back surgeries after rear end collision – $600,000

Defective Drugs Settlement

2005 defective drug kills newborn baby – Confidential settlement, 2.5 Million

Sex Abuse Verdict

1990's clergy sex abuse verdict – 4.3 Million

Auto Accident Settlement

2000 auto accident settlement for death of mother in auto accident – Settlement, 1.5 Mil

Tractor Accident Settlement

1999 tractor trailer operator's negligence – Settlement, $700,000

Medical Malpractice Case

Malpractice over a medication that caused death – 1.5 Million

Hospital Neglect Settlement

Hospital neglect in Baltimore City – Settlement, $650,000

Auto Accident Verdict

Auto accident verdict in Baltimore County – Verdict, $615,000

Truck Accident Verdict

2002 truck hits car carrying a Price George's County woman – Verdict, $588,000

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