Liquid Nicotine Increases Risks of Poisoning

Liquid Nicotine Increases Risks of Poisoning

According to the National Poison Data Center, accidental poisonings from nicotine have jumped in recent years. In 2013, 1,351 poisonings were linked directly to e-liquid, the liquid form of nicotine used in e-cigarettes. This was a 300 percent increase of accidental poisonings from the year before. Of the poisonings reported in 2013, nearly 400 resulted in hospitalization, three-times the number as the year prior. Many of the victims of nicotine poisoning are children who have absorbed the liquid through the skin.

An Accident Waiting to Happen

Nicotine is a dangerous drug linked to addiction. In controlled amounts, this drug is a stimulant. In uncontrolled amounts, it can lead to nausea, seizures, and even death. Because it can be absorbed through the skin, parents who use e-cigarettes must be extra vigilant when using refillable cartridges. Children are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of nicotine.

There is currently little to no regulation on e-liquid. Nearly anyone can buy it and the containers in which it comes needn’t meet any specific safety requirements. What’s more, strong or highly visible warning labels aren’t required on these products, which can greatly increase the risk of accidental overuse.

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