New Dog Bite Case Presents Interesting Hurdles

New Dog Bite Case Presents Interesting Hurdles

A nationally reported dog bite case is showing just how complex these types of accidents can be. A four-year-old boy, mauled by a neighbor’s dog after wandering into its yard, needs tens of thousands of dollars of reconstructive surgery and has endured untold pain and suffering. Nonetheless, thousands have rallied around the dog, claiming it was simply doing what dogs do and neither the animal nor its owner should be held accountable for the child’s disfigurement.

An attorney working pro bono for the dog states that the animal attacked the child only after the boy attempted to take its ball. The attorney states liability should be placed on the child’s babysitter who failed to keep the boy away from the dog. The boy’s parents and attorney argue that an animal who will maul a child over a ball is not safe to be around people and that the animal should be put down.

Complex Cases

No matter how you personally feel about this case, it illustrates just how complex dog bite litigation can be. When you or a loved one is attacked by an unrestrained animal, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side to help ensure you are treated fairly and provide full compensation. Our Baltimore dog bite attorneys have decades of combined experience and are here to take your case and help you get the justice you deserve.

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