Lead Paint Poisoning Baltimore

Lead Poisoning Remains a Major Concern for America’s Most Vulnerable Inhabitants

Imagine you are sitting in a diner one cold winter morning. There is a hot cup of coffee or tea between your hands. You reach over to grab one of the small packets of sugar. You barely feel it in your hand. The packet weighs just one gram. That single gram is many times more...

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Pharmaceutical Company Dramatically Increases Price of Important Drug To Treat Lead Poisoning

Valeant Pharmaceuticals has increased the price of a drug used to treat lead poisoning known as Calcium EDTA by more than 2,700% since 2014. Doctors have depended on Calcium EDTA for decades to treat cases of severe lead poisoning. Doctors, medical professionals and poison control specialists are alarmed about this price increase. The greed of...

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Maryland Elementary School Students Exposed to Lead Due to Contaminated Water Pipes

Lead contamination and lead poisoning continue to be major health and safety issues impacting children and families throughout Baltimore and the state of Maryland. Recently, an elementary school in Landover Hills, Maryland was forced to hand out bottled water to students following the discovery of dangerous levels of lead in many of the water fountains...

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High Lead Concentration in Soil Leaves Thousands of Indiana Children at Risk for Lead Poisoning

Thousands of Indiana residents living near an old lead smelting plant are being forced out of their homes due to widespread environmental contamination. For more than 30 years, emissions from a now defunct lead refinery have seeped into the region’s soil and water, creating a dangerous and potentially hazardous situation for nearby communities. Children in...

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The Yost Legal Group Helps Baltimore Family Secure $1,900,000 Settlement in Lead Exposure Case

Exposure to lead paint is a dangerous and widespread health epidemic in the United States. The CDC estimates that 4 million homes in the U.S have children that are being exposed to lead. Many of those homes are located right here in Baltimore. In 1995, two twin girls were born in Baltimore. In 1996, the...

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Millions of Children in the United States are Exposed to Lead

Lead paint poisoning has been an epidemic in Baltimore. According to the CDC, 4 million homes in the U.S. have children who are being exposed to lead. No safe level of lead has been defined. Children are more likely to ingest lead than adults, and are more vulnerable to the effects of lead. Children who...

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Children Exposed To Lead Are More Likely To Commit Violent Crimes

Lead poisoning has been known for decades to cause brain damage and new research shows that lead poisoning is linked to violent crime. Lead is a toxin that damages the parts of the brain that control impulses, emotions, and a person’s ability to pay attention. Studies from the University of Cincinnati and the University of...

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Maryland to Expand Lead Poisoning Tests to Include All Children Ages 1 and 2

Lead poisoning is a serious health issue that has plagued some of Baltimore’s most vulnerable neighborhoods for generations. Exposure to lead paint, especially in young children, can cause serious physical and neurological damage. Unfortunately, many families living in homes that contain lead are not aware of the problem until it is too late. Now, a...

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Lead Paint Poisoning Still Effecting Our Most Vulnerable Communities

At The Yost Legal Group, Baltimore Injury and Medical Malpractice law firm, we have represented hundreds of clients dealing with the lingering effects of lead paint poisoning in their children and loved ones. Exposure to lead paint has been indisputably linked to multiple mental and physical developmental ailments that can prove especially harmful to children....

LEAD PAINT: The Public Health Hazard Disproportionately Harming America’s Inner Cities

LEAD PAINT: The Public Health Hazard Disproportionately Harming America’s Inner Cities

It is estimated that over 500,000 children in the US between the ages of 1 and 5 years old faced the severe medical dangers associated with lead poisoning. While this number is certainly troubling, it becomes much more disturbing when coupled with the fact that researchers currently estimate that roughly 30 million American homes still...