$1,267,500 Settlement Wrongful Death / Motorcycle Accident

    In June 2021, our client was traveling on a 45-mph roadway when a Chevy Suburban traveling in the opposite direction, made a sudden left-hand turn into his pathway.  Our client’s motorcycle struck the passenger side of the Chevy Suburban and he was thrown from the motorcycle and struck the pavement where he died immediately from the impact.

    We investigated the case and found video and camera footage from nearby businesses that captured the accident as it occurred.  There was no question that the Defendant was negligent in turning directly in front of the motorcycle that had the right of way.  The Defendant tried to allege that the accident was also caused by the fact that the motorcycle was significantly exceeding the speed limit.

    We retained a very qualified expert to evaluate the Defendant’s allegations. Based on analysis of the video footage, information from the vehicle, and other physical evidence, he offered expert testimony that the accident would have happened regardless of the motorcycle driver’s speed because the driver of the Chevy Suburban turned directly in front of the motorcyclist.

    At the end of the trial, The Yost Legal Group lawyers successfully argued that the family of the deceased should be awarded the full amount available under Maryland law. The family was awarded the maximum permitted amount allowed in Maryland of $1,267,500.