$220,000 Verdict Auto Accident

    Our client severely injured his knee in an auto accident. The injury required surgery to repair the damage, resulting in permanent physical impairment to the knee.  The permanent pain and discomfort in his knee negatively impacted his quality of life, in particular his love of playing competitive basketball.  He could no longer play the game at the level he had prior to the injury, which caused the plaintiff to become less social and more withdrawn. Basketball had been an integral part of his social life.  The driver that hit our client only had $100,000.00 in insurance coverage and the carrier would only offer a small portion of that to settle the case.

    At a bench trial in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County (jury trials were suspended at that time due to the pandemic), the lawyers at The Yost Legal Group were able to obtain a verdict of $220,000.00 for our client, which exceeded the insurance limits of the defendant.  The Yost Legal Group then pursued a “bad faith” claim against the insurance company and ultimately collected every single penny of that verdict for our client.