Confidential Settlement Personal Injury / Bank Pays Elderly Woman

    Our client, an elderly woman, was in her local bank branch completing a teller transaction when a man walked in and demanded that the teller hand over all of the money or he would hurt the elderly woman.  Rather than follow proper bank protocol and comply with the robber’s demand, the teller, who was protected behind bulletproof glass and a locked door, visibly pushed the alarm button to call for the police.  The robber then picked the elderly woman by her head/neck, violently thrashed her around and threw her to the floor.  As he ran out, he threatened to come back and kill them all.  This not only caused our client to suffer a sprained neck and other physical injuries, but also caused her to suffer from PTSD.  She had to retire early from her job because she was too scared and anxious to go out in public.  We demonstrated that the bank did not follow nationally accepted bank security protocols, including not having a security guard on-site despite the fact that the bank was in a high-crime area.  The bank teller also did not comply with the robber’s demands, thereby putting our client at risk.  The bank settled for a confidential settlement amount before trial.