Distracted Driving Accidents Are Avoidable

Distracted Driving Accidents Are Avoidable

Crash! A motor vehicle accident can occur in an instant. One minute you are driving down the road, minutes from your final destination, and then out of nowhere, you are sideswiped by another car. As it turns out, the other driver was checking her hair in the mirror and took her eyes off the road in order to do so.

Distracted driving accidents are all too common in Maryland, and the personal injury lawyers at The Yost Legal Group have represented many victims of these types of accidents.

Most distracted driving accidents are avoidable if drivers would obey the rules of the road and follow the necessary safety precautions while driving.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in the United States, 9 people are killed and 1,060 people are injured every day in crashes that involve a distracted driver.

There are three main types of distractions while driving.  These include:

–          Visual: taking your eyes off the road
–          Manual: taking your hands off the wheel
–          Cognitive: taking your mind off the task of driving

While talking and texting on cell phones are common sources of distracted driving, there are many other instances, such as; changing the radio station, eating, conversing with passengers, grooming oneself, and small children or pets who disrupt your attention while driving.

Distracted driving statistics in Maryland are astounding. The Maryland Department of Transportation and Motor Vehicle Administration reports the following:

–          In 2011 a total of 231 people were killed and 29,050 others were injured in distracted driving                accidents.
–          In 2011, 30% of the total distracted driver-involved crashes were rear-end collisions.
–          11% of all drivers under the age of 20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at                 the time of the crash. This age group has the largest proportion of drivers who were distracted.

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