Incompetent Cervix

Incompetent Cervix

An incompetent cervix, also called a cervical insufficiency, is a potentially serious condition of pregnancy that occurs when weak cervical tissue causes or contributes to premature birth or the loss of an otherwise healthy pregnancy. This type of condition has been described by experts as a “diagnostic dilemma”. Because an incompetent cervix can often be difficult to diagnose, physicians should be constantly on the alert for this condition.

If there is any suspicion of this condition, a health care provider could recommend preventive medication during pregnancy (progesterone supplementation), frequent ultrasounds and/or a procedure that surgically closes the cervix with strong sutures (cervical cerclage). Medical management of pre-term labor is also extremely important, including attempts to stop labor and, too, to provide corticosteroid injections if delivery becomes imminent (which “matures” premature fetal lungs, giving “preemies” a better chance to breathe successfully once born).

The causes of incompetent cervix vary and must be determined in a timely matter by medical professionals in order to select the proper method of treatment. If proper care is not taken, extreme premature birth can result, which increases risks of complications in the newborn, such as intraventricular brain bleeds and periventricular leukomalacia which can cause cerebral palsy.

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