Microcephaly Following Hypoxic Brain Injury at Birth

Microcephaly Following Hypoxic Brain Injury at Birth

Microcephaly is a medical condition defined by a small head circumference. It is noticeable as a disproportionately small head for the size of the growing child. There are many different ways this condition can develop, including preventable brain injury at birth, which stunts the growth of the baby’s brain and skull.

Acquired microcephaly in very young children can be caused by lack of oxygen during birth. If signs of the baby suffering from hypoxia during labor and delivery were not promptly recognized by medical professionals and treated by earlier delivery, including emergency caesarian section, and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) therapies, including cooling the infant to lower body temperature (therapeutic hypothermia), the lack of oxygen during labor and delivery can cause brain damage leading to microcephaly.

A complete physical examination is required to evaluate a child with possible microcephaly. It may take up to a few months to discover that your child has been harmed, as repeated skull measurements are taken every few months to determine a decreased rate of head growth and a below average head size.

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