5 stars

My first encounter with the Yost Legal Group was really great as a new client, from the initial person answering the phone directing me to Kim Bauer who is my assigned paralegal. Once getting up with Kim on every time I called was a smooth transition, and everyone answering or assisting with the phone calls was extremely kind ,caring, and understanding. I offered or let me back up I told Kim I know Mr Yost pays her well but because of all her kindness towards me and assisting me on every turn of this accident and all the many people I had to encounter. I asked her that once Mr Yost had won my case and gotten me all the money that was due me could I give her something extra and immediately she holler saying that she couldn’t do anything like that because of the laws surrounding lawyer client matters. So then I asked her could I get my family to bless her with some money and again she flat out said no. So then I asked her if I could write something to her supervisor surrounding her good works and here I am. To tell the world that if you hire Mr Yost as Your attorney if he puts Kim Bauer on Your case you definetly have a gem of a person as well as a angel on your side helping to fight for you ,assist in any way and to educate you along the way. To which I don’t see a better way of being ushered into something so terrible as a accident and fighting for justice Kim Bauer THANK YOU from the depths of my soul for You being on my team or vise versa I know with You and Mr Yost representing I’m in good shape GOD BLESS YOU BOTH as well as all involved with what you are doing…. Respectfully Submited

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