Seizure Activity in Newborns – Hypoxia

Seizure Activity in Newborns – Hypoxia

According to the Florida Neonatal Neurological Network about 20 out of every 1,000 full term births will be affected by a lack of oxygen to the brain (hypoxia) during labor and delivery.  Babies who are born prematurely are at even greater risk, because their lungs are not fully developed and they are unable to fully manage breathing on their own.

Hypoxia is the most frequent cause of seizure activity in newborns and can cause additional damage to the baby’s developing brain.  Neonatal seizure activity can occur within minutes to hours of birth, and is typically confirmed by electroencephalography (EEG) – a test performed by attaching sensors to the infant’s scalp to monitor the brain for any abnormal electrical signal activity.  The scalp sensors are wired to a machine that records the brain’s electrical signals and displays the brain activity on a monitor or printout so that medical specialists are able to observe and interpret any brain seizure activity.

There are several additional tests that can be run to determine if a newborn baby’s seizures are being caused by a hypoxic, or hypoxic-ischemic (HIE) injury to the brain. In addition to EEG monitoring, a newborn baby suffering from seizures will have lab tests to check the blood oxygen level (pulse oximetry) and various blood, urine and spinal fluid tests to check glucose, potassium, bicarbonate and other chemical levels.  Also, brain imaging studies (ultrasound, CT and MRI) will be performed.

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