Bicycle Accidents

Have You Been Injured in a Collision While on a Bicycle?

Bicycling can be a relaxing, healthy, and enjoyable hobby. Unfortunately, cyclists face the significant risk of injury—perhaps even death—every time they take to the road. Traffic accidents caused by negligent, impaired, or inattentive drivers injure or kill thousands of bicyclists in the United States each year.

Sad Statistics

The number of bicyclists killed in traffic accidents has increased every year since 2010—increasing more than 19% during that time. In 2014, traffic accidents in the U.S. injured an estimated 50,000 bicyclists—and took the lives of 726 more. The average age of those bicyclists killed was 45 years old—meaning the majority of victims are riders with years of experience.

Determining Fault

Many bicycle accidents involving motor vehicle collisions are caused by the behavior of inattentive or negligent motorists. Drivers of cars, trucks, and motorcycles have an obligation to share the road with bicyclists. When motorists fail to live up to their responsibilities to safely and responsibly share the road with bikes, their behavior can lead to serious or fatal injuries.

Know the Facts

Even though they face a grave risk of serious injuries, bicyclists involved in traffic accidents are rarely treated fairly by insurance companies. In fact, studies indicate they typically receive 30% to 40% less in settlements compared to motor vehicle drivers who suffer similar injuries. The Yost Legal Group knows insurance companies rarely—if ever—have the best interests of accident victims in mind. Our knowledgeable, qualified personal injury attorneys have the experience these complex claims require. We can investigate the facts, build your case, and pursue your rights.