Massive Recall of Chevrolet Camaro Issued by General Motors

Massive Recall of Chevrolet Camaro Issued by General Motors

In the wake of this year’s earlier recall, General Motors scrambles as it issues another, this time for 2010 to 2014 Chevrolet Camaros.  Interestingly enough, this recall is due to similar issues as the previous malfunctioning ignition switch.

GM determined through internal testing, a result of the previous recall, drivers could move the ignition out the running position if drivers sit too close to the steering wheel and accidently bumped the key FOB with their knee.  Knocking the ignition out of running position will result in the loss of power, meaning the brakes and airbags would stop working, possibly resulting in a severe crash without the protection of standard issued safety gear.

General Motors issued a press release earlier today stating it is aware of three crashes that resulted in four minor injuries that it believes may be attributed to this new problem. More news about a negligent company with defective vehicles that can pose a serious threat to drivers and passengers.

What does this recall mean?  It means if you are the owner of a recalled current generation Camaro, you will be getting a new key.  The company will change the Camaro key to a standard design from one in which the key is concealed in the FOB and is opened by pushing a button.

The automobile enterprise announced that in all cases, customers will receive letters from GM letting them know when they can bring their car into a dealership, where the recall repairs will be performed for free and courtesy transportation will be provided as needed.

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