The MedExpress® Urgent Care Center in LaVale, MD hired convicted rapist Dr. William Dando in May of 2013, where he worked until he was fired in June of 2014.  During Dr. Dando’s employment at MedExpress in LaVale, Maryland, he came in contact with thousands of female patients. Sadly, it is now coming to light that numerous women were inappropriately touched, had unnecessary examinations, and were put through trauma by this convicted felon.

Dr. Dando’s offenses are a Doctor-Patient betrayal. Importantly, the patients who sought care at MedExpress Urgent Care Center should never have been placed in the vulnerable position of seeking care from a convicted sex offender. The bond between doctor and patient is one of trust. Patients unknowingly were caused to place their trust in a convicted sex offender, and the MedExpress Urgent Care Center violated the important bond of trust by failing to properly perform the most basic background check when hiring Dr. Dando to be a community doctor.

Timeline of Abuse

In 1987, Dr. William Dando was convicted of sexual assault in Miami, Florida following an incident where he broke into a woman’s home and committed an act of violent sexual assault. Dr. Dando was convicted by a jury of his peers and was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his crimes.


However, he was released from prison after serving less than 4 years of his sentence and, inexplicably, was able to obtain a license to practice medicine in Maryland in 1996. The Maryland Board of Physicians now admits that it failed to properly investigate Dr. Dando before granting him this license, and the Board’s failure in this case lead to a violent and dangerous sexual predator being granted access to the most personal information and settings involving his female patients.

Dr. Dando began practicing at the MedExpress Urgent Care Center in LaVale, MD in May of 2013. From May 2013 to June 2014, Dr. Dando was given free access to female patients that were unaware of his history of violence and sexual assault.

Less than a year after securing the position at MedExpress Urgent Care Center, Dr. Dando was once again indicted by an Allegany County grand jury and charged with “fourth degree sexual offense and unnatural or perverted practice” on a female patient. His license to practice medicine in Maryland was finally suspended on June 5, 2014 in a deal not to be prosecuted.

Civil Case

A civil case brought against MedExpress Urgent Care Center was settled on June 24, 2015 for a confidential amount.

Click the links below to view detailed court records about this ongoing case:

William Thomas Dando Medical License Report

Dr Dando Letter to MD Board of Physicians

Order For Summary Suspension

Letter from DHMH License Suspension

MD State Board Signed Affidavit

Dr Dando MD Board of Physicians Consent Order

It is likely that hundreds of other patients were also exposed to Dr. Dando’s unnecessary physical exams, inappropriate behavior, and un-wanted touching. If you were a patient of the LaVale, MD MedExpress Urgent Care Center between May 2013 to June 2014 and were given unnecessary medical examinations or felt you were a victim of inappropriate conduct by former Dr. William Dando, call The Yost Legal Group now.

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