Pedestrian Accidents

Walking is a wonderful way to exercise and improve your health. If you have a safe place to walk, such as a high school track, neighborhood park or a complex of cul-de-sac streets, being involved in a pedestrian accident while walking probably never crosses your mind. But what happens when you must walk on city streets? The danger increases. By simply crossing the street, especially at a non-intersection, you take your life into your hands.

There are no guarantees, at intersections or even at designated crosswalks, that a motor vehicle driver will see you and stop in time to let you safely cross. Severe injuries have been sustained by pedestrians struck by cars or other moving vehicles, including:

• Head injury
Brain injury
• Broken bones
• Spinal cord injury and paralysis
Wrongful death


Small children are particularly at risk since they are hard for motor vehicle drivers to see. Additionally, children often do not pay close attention to crosswalk rules, or they may not hear a vehicle approaching. Sadly, pedestrian accidents involving children are almost always deadly.

In pedestrian accidents involving young children, the law mandates that drivers are obligated to maintain a higher level of awareness and safety when driving in an area where small children may be present. Greater care must be exercised for the protection of these little ones and, because the conduct of children can be unpredictable, such as when a child darts out into the road to fetch a ball without looking to see if a car is coming, the driver must anticipate the unpredictable actions of children and exercise additional caution.


The elderly are also at high risk for pedestrian accidents. Elderly people typically move more slowly, can get confused more easily, and may not hear traffic properly, putting themselves at increased risk of being injured in a pedestrian accident.


While pedestrians and automobile drivers are equally responsible for their own safety and that of others while traveling America’s roads, the driver has an even greater responsibility to keep his or her vehicle under control and operate the vehicle in such a way as to avoid inflicting injury or death on pedestrians who share the roadway.

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, what should you do first? After calling the police, many people believe their first phone call should be to their insurance company. Until you fully understand your rights and have a clear understanding of the facts and circumstances involved in your accident, do not allow anyone to take your sworn statement.

Specifically, avoid answering questions asked by the other party’s attorney, the other party’s insurance company, or your own insurance company. You may be giving away rights you are not even aware of and may compromise your claim by unintentionally providing inaccurate information that will be used against you.

Please contact a qualified pedestrian accident attorney immediately before reporting the accident to your insurance company to make sure you are aware of your legal rights. Of course, it is vital to act promptly after you have been injured to gather essential witnesses, preserve evidence and report your claim prior to the statute of limitations expiring.

Numerous damages are recoverable in a lawsuit for a pedestrian accident, including:

• Medical expenses
• The cost of future medical care
• Lost earnings
• Loss of future earning capacity
• General damages for pain, suffering and emotional distress

Your health comes first. Your legal rights come next. The experienced Maryland pedestrian accident attorneys of The Yost Legal Group bring years of experience in representing pedestrian accident victims. We have successfully fought for the rights of accident victims in numerous pedestrian accident cases, obtaining large verdicts and settlements on their behalf. We don’t shy away from going to trial or taking on the big, multi-billion dollar insurance companies who are trying to keep you from getting what you, in fact, bargained for when you signed your policy and deserve under the law. We won’t stop until you receive full compensation for your losses.

Your recovery and the welfare of your family are your most important concerns after a pedestrian accident. Let the compassionate attorneys of The Yost Legal Group worry about the details of your case. Please contact us now to schedule your pedestrian accident consultation.