Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices


Most people do not know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not test the safety and effectiveness of drugs and medical devices. Instead, the FDA requires drug manufacturers and medical device manufacturers to use companies to conduct clinical trials in small groups of people. If results show that the product is safe and effective, the FDA will approve the drug or medical device for use. All too frequently, once the drug or device is being used throughout the population, the true risks of the drug or device become obvious.

Post-Market Surveillance

Manufacturers of drugs and medical devices have strict requirements to report any signs of harm from their products to the FDA. All too often, manufacturers delay reporting problems because it will decrease the sales of their products. Once the FDA becomes aware of the increased risk of harm from a drug or medical device, it usually negotiates with the manufacturer to release an appropriate warning for future customers. Even then, manufacturers of dangerous drugs and medical devices frequently delay the process while millions more people are put in danger of injury without knowing the true risk of the product.

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