Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices


When pharmaceutical companies release drugs to the public without proper safety testing, millions of people are put at unnecessary risk. Defective drugs cause dangerous injuries and, in some cases, death.

While the Food and Drug Administration imposes strict requirements for the manufacture and release of prescription drugs and medical devices, these rules are not always followed thoroughly, causing serious side effects and other catastrophic injuries. How does this happen? In some cases, the FDA depends upon manufacturers to provide evidence of product safety. Sometimes, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers place profits over people and rush their products to market without comprehensive testing.

The list of defective drugs is extensive and includes:

The Effects of Defective Drugs

Giant pharmaceutical companies and some medical device manufacturers put the public at risk each time they release dangerous or defective drugs or products. For example, Merck, the makers of Vioxx, recalled the drug when it caused increased risk of heart attack and blood clotting. Guidant, makers of a defibrillator recalled its product when 7 people lost their lives due to defective wiring.

Other harmful side effects associated with defective drugs include:

    • Stroke
    • Depression and/or suicide
    • High blood pressure
    • Gastrointestinal issues
    • Birth Defects & Injuries

Help is Available Today

If you or a loved one has suffered injury or died due to a defective drug or medical device, you are entitled to compensation under the law. For the best representation of your rights, you need a highly qualified dangerous drug law firm who can gather crucial evidence and qualified medical professionals to testify for you and support your claim.

The Yost Legal Group is prepared to explain your legal options during a private free consultation and to develop your case for trial. We work with a network of nationally recognized medical experts to establish fault and demand compensation through the courts for you and your family.

Cases involving claims of injury or wrongful death due to dangerous drugs and defective medical devices can be complex matters. In some cases, there is a statute of limitations limiting the time within which you have to file your claim. The Yost Legal Group works closely with you to gather the medical evidence needed to support your case, and we offer free consultations to evaluate your claims.

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