Have You Suffered Serious Side Effects Caused by a Dangerous Drug or Defective Medical Device?

In the United States, drug companies and medical device manufacturers must follow strict requirements to report signs of harm potentially caused by their products to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Unfortunately, these companies often delay such reporting out of fear warnings or recalls will decrease their sales.

Such delays in reporting can potentially put millions of people who do not know the true risks associated with such products in danger.

What We Do

At the Yost Legal Group, our attorneys have handled numerous claims involving dangerous drugs and defective medical devices for over 20 years. We actively represent clients in those litigation areas where we can best help victims recover compensation, including:

· 3M Combat Earplugs · Onglyza/Kombiglyze
· Elmiron · Prilosec/Nexium/Prevacid
· Essure · Smith & Nephew Hip
· Hernia Mesh · Stryker LFIT V40 Hip
· IVC Blood Clot Filters · Zimmer M/L Taper Hip
· Januvia/Janumet/Victoza


Clinical Testing and the Law

The FDA does not test the safety and effectiveness of drugs and medical devices themselves. Instead, they require manufacturers to conduct clinical trials on their own—often involving very small groups of patients.

If results show a product is safe and effective, the FDA will approve it for use. Unfortunately, the true risks of a drug or device are not fully understood until the product enters widespread use within the larger population.

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