Wright Profemur

The Wright Medical Profemur line of modular hip implants provides yet another sad chapter in the story of defective hip replacement products injuring innocent victims.  Wright has manufactured and sold The Profemur hip system since 2003. These devices are prone to micromovements that create fluid, which leads to fretting and corrosion in the stem-neck junction.  This causes increased blood metal levels and metallosis (metal poisoning). These problems can cause the device to fracture or break entirely.  In many instances, a painful and costly revision surgery is needed to correct these problems.


Profemur lawsuits are growing in number.  A federal court Multi- District litigation (MDL) was created in August of 2020 in the Eastern District of Arkansas to handle cases brought by individuals injured by the defective Profemur product.

The problems and injuries suffered by these individuals are the same as for other metal-on-metal hip replacement products, including:

  • Pain
  • Nerve, muscle, tissue and bone damage
  • Metallosis (metal poisoning)
  • Pseudotumors
  • Dislocations and bone fractures
  • Loosening or fracturing of the device


When patients must undergo painful and costly revision surgery following the implant of a faulty medical device, the corporations responsible for manufacturing and marketing these defective products must be held accountable. If you have been injured due to a defective Wright Profemur  hip implant device, time may be running out to file a claim for damages.

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