Construction Accidents Are Common

One of the largest industries in the country is the construction industry.  There are thousands of workers who risk their lives daily to build our nations roadways, office buildings and housing developments. Construction is a dangerous profession and hundreds of accidents occur each year.

The most common causes of injury and death on construction sites are:

–           Falls
–          Struck by object
–          Electrocutions
–          Being caught and pinned between objects
–          Scaffolding accidents
–          Explosions
–          Machinery malfunction
–          Vehicle accidents

There are deafening loud noise, large machinery and heavy equipment on most construction sites. One cannot guarantee a safe work environment, even if every precaution is taken. In order to be as safe as possible on a construction site, follow these simple safety guidelines:

–          Stay aware of your environment
–          Wear protective clothing and eyewear
–          Make sure the site you are working on has all up-to-date licenses and permits
–          Make sure appropriate Workers’ Compensation insurance is available

Employees injured in a construction site accident are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits that cover lost wages, medical expenses and any type of disability that arises for the work injury.

However, these benefits do not cover all the expenses faced by an injured worker.  If the accident is traced to another cause, such as the manufacturer of equipment or a contractor responsible for the jobsite, the employee can file a personal injury lawsuit.

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