What is a wrongful death lawsuit?

Alice had been living a great life, working as an accountant and spending quality time with her family. That all changed one fateful day when she received the news that her beloved husband had been taken from her in a tragic truck accident.

Alice and her three children were devastated. They could not imagine how this could happen. Not knowing exactly what to do since her husband was killed in a truck accident, she hired a law firm to help.

She discovered quickly that the trucking company’s failure to follow safety protocols had made her husband’s death preventable. After a series of investigations, it was uncovered that the truck that caused the accident was not maintained properly.

Poor truck maintenance caused the tractor-trailer accident when worn tires blew out. When the driver tried to stop the out-of-control tractor-trailer, he was unable to do so as the brakes were worn.

The truck’s undercarriage was very rusty, and parts were actually corroding when it was inspected after the crash. This was an unsafe vehicle that should never have been on the road when it caused the truck crash.

Alice knew that she needed help from a truck accident attorney to get justice for her late husband’s wrongful death. That’s when she sought out the assistance of The Yost Legal Group.

We were able to build a strong case against the trucking company. We fought to make those responsible accountable for her husband’s wrongful death.

The truck's undercarriage was very rusty, and parts were actually corroding when it was inspected after the crash. This was an unsafe vehicle that should never have been on the road when it caused the truck crash.

Seeking justice after a wrongful death.

When a loved one dies due to another person’s negligence or recklessness, surviving family members may be able to pursue a wrongful death action. Such an action seeks damages from those responsible for the death of their relative.

There is no amount of money that can replace someone who has passed away. Filing a wrongful death claim is a way to seek justice and hold the at-fault party accountable for their actions.

The concept of a wrongful death claim was created in the United States on a state-by-state basis. Gradually, each state enacted its own wrongful death statute.

Therefore, the ability of family members to recover under a wrongful death statute, and the types of recovery available, vary from state to state.

There may be two claims under the wrongful death statute. Many states provide for two separate actions within wrongful death statutes.

What is a Survival Action Wrongful Death lawsuit?

A “Survival Action” is a lawsuit for the person who was injured and killed. This cause of action belongs to their estate. Usually, the items brought for a Survival Action are the:

  • Conscious pain and suffering before death.
  • Medical expenses leading up to death caused by the harm.
  • Funeral expenses

Some states include the loss of future earnings the person would have had if they lived out the expected remainder of their life. When this money is recovered in a survival action, the money goes to the deceased party’s estate.

A person’s wrongful death settlement money in a survival action is dispersed according to their will if they have one. This is in cases where the death is caused by the negligence of someone else.

What if no will exists? In this case, each state has a process called intestate succession. This is how the government divides money among immediate family members.

An experienced wrongful death law firm can file a wrongful death case on your behalf. Contacting one of our Baltimore car accident lawyers will help guide you through the legal process.

A “Survival Action" is a lawsuit for the person who was injured and killed. This cause of action belongs to their estate.

What is a Direct Action Wrongful Death Claim?

In some states, certain family members can make a “Direct Action” claim under a wrongful death statute. This is in addition to the survival action that is brought by the deceased person’s estate. This claim is for the loss of their loved one.

Each state has its own rules and prohibitions regarding who can bring a claim for the loss of a loved one. This group of people varies from state to state.

Usually, there is some variation of a spouse, children of the deceased, and perhaps their biological parents.

Each of these people would have a right to claim damages for the loss of a loved one. Almost always, all the permissible wrongful death direct action claims must be brought in a single lawsuit and resolved at once.

If no one qualifies for compensation as a primary beneficiary, sometimes there is a secondary group in the claim.

The secondary beneficiary group could involve brothers and sisters of the deceased, cousins, and more distant relatives.

Spousal Rights in Wrongful Death Actions

If the deceased person had a job and contributed financially to the household, their financial contribution would be considered. That may be claimed by the surviving spouse.

This number could include the loss of their income contributing to the home for the expected life of the deceased.

More important than any financial contribution, however, is a surviving spouse’s loss of the companionship and support of their loved one.

Many wrongful death statutes allow a surviving spouse to claim non-economic or human damages, which seek to value the loss of companionship and a loss of the relationship.

In certain circumstances, the parents of a deceased may have suffered an economic loss. If the deceased child was gainfully employed and contributed financially to the maintenance and support of elderly parents.

Parents’ Rights in Wrongful Death Claims

In certain circumstances, the parents of a deceased may have suffered an economic loss where the deceased child was gainfully employed and contributed financially to the maintenance and support of elderly parents. If that were the case, they may also have a claim for economic loss.

If the state’s wrongful death statute allows parents to be considered as beneficiaries, they may also be able to claim non-economic damages for the loss of their relationship with their son or daughter.

What are Non-Economic Damages in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Unlike economic damages, which represent the loss of financial contribution anticipated by the deceased, many states also permit family members to seek non-economic damages.

Non-economic damages seek to value the loss of a surviving family member in terms of their anguish, sorrow, emotional pain and suffering, and loss of companionship, comfort, protection, care, attention, advice, and counsel of the deceased loved one.

For example, a young child whose parent is prematurely taken from them due to the wrongful conduct of another will suffer the loss of a relationship with their parent as well as the anticipated guidance and companionship that the parent would have provided.

All the events that the deceased parent will not be able to attend with the child should also be taken into consideration.

 Are there time limits to file a Wrongful Death Claim?

There are time limits for wrongful death beneficiaries to bring their claims. These time limits vary from state to state. Some states start the countdown for filing the claim immediately on the date of the deceased’s death.

Others have extensions if an estate has not been opened in a court for the deceased.

Some states have discovery rules that can extend the timeframe for filing a lawsuit. For instance, let’s consider a scenario where a person develops cancer due to prolonged use of a carcinogenic product.

If it is discovered through a recently published study that the product may have caused cancer, the deadline for filing a wrongful death claim may not start until it becomes widely known that the product is linked to that specific cancer.

These rules aim to ensure that individuals have sufficient time to seek justice in cases like these.

Help from an experienced wrongful death lawyer.

Wrongful Death claims can be complex. There are many variables in these lawsuits. A lawyer for wrongful death is needed to investigate the claim thoroughly. This is to protect the rights of the surviving family.

Hiring an experienced wrongful death attorney can provide invaluable assistance and guidance in navigating this difficult process. An experienced lawyer can help in many ways.

– Provide knowledge of applicable laws and regulations in each state

– Will work with you to understand your rights and how best to move forward.

– Conduct a thorough investigation and build a strong case surrounding what happened.

– Secure evidence and prepare documents to support the claim.

– Collect witness statements, hospital records, and the necessary medical reports.

– Advise on how best to allocate resources without you having to pay out any money.

– Will work to seek maximum compensation.

– Will protect you from unnecessary legal costs.

– Will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to reach a favorable settlement.

You can depend on the wrongful death lawyers at The Yost Legal Group

Call an attorney for wrongful death at The Yost Legal Group. The best wrongful death lawyers can be essential in guiding you through the complex process of filing a wrongful death claim.

Whether your loved one’s death was caused by a car accident, medical malpractice, or a pedestrian accident, we can help. We’ll investigate the facts, determine what happened, and work to seek justice.

If a loved one passed away because of the negligent behavior of someone else, call one of our accidental death lawyers. Accidents involving serious personal injury and wrongful death require an experienced legal team on your side.

Our wrongful death attorneys handle these delicate cases with care and compassion. Call 1-800-967-8529 for a free, confidential consultation. Our Maryland wrongful death lawyers are highly experienced in this area of law.

Help for Individuals Coping With a Traumatic Brain Injury from an Accident

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a serious and often life-changing injury that affects millions of people worldwide. In the United States alone, over 2.8 million people suffer from TBI yearly.

TBI can happen to anyone, regardless of age, background, or lifestyle. A traumatic brain injury can be caused by falls, car accidents, sports injuries, or assaults.

What are the most common ways in which people suffer a TBI injury?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that, on average, TBIs contribute to the deaths of over 50,000 people annually. Traumatic brain injuries also lead to more than 282,000 hospitalizations.

The most common causes of TBI are falls, motor vehicle accidents, struck-by/against events, and assaults.

  1. Falls are the leading cause of TBIs. They account for around 48% of all TBI-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths. The highest rates are among children under age 4 and adults over 75. Various factors, including slippery floors, uneven surfaces, poor lighting, and loose rugs, can cause falls.
  2. Motor vehicle accidents are another common cause of TBI. They account for around 14% of all TBI-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths. These car crashes can occur due to various factors, such as distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, and failure to wear a seatbelt.
  3. Struck-by/against events are the third most common cause of TBIs. They account for around 17% of all TBI-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths. These events include taking a hit during sports, getting struck by a falling object, or suffering a blow to the head during a fight.
  4. Assaults, including gunshot wounds, make up about 10% of all TBI-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths. They are often the ultimate cause behind TBI among young people.

Other potential causes of a TBI include military service-related injuries, recreational activities like diving, and workplace injuries.

Diagnosis of TBI is a complex process, requiring careful evaluation. Clinical signs and symptoms include neurological examinations, CT scans, imaging tests, and cognitive testing

What is traumatic brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury happens when a severe blow to the head disrupts normal brain function. It can cause physical and mental disabilities and manifest differently for each person.

Symptoms range from mild (e.g., headaches) to severe (e.g., coma). Falls and car accidents are the main reasons for TBI in adults, while sports injuries are the top cause for children.

What are the signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injury?

Most acute symptoms, such as loss of consciousness, confusion, and headache, occur immediately after the injury for patients with a severe TBI. People with mild Traumatic Brain Injury may not initially feel much pain. However, they may experience headaches, nausea, confusion, and other symptoms days or even weeks later.

How is a TBI diagnosed and treated?

Diagnosis of a TBI is a complex process, requiring careful evaluation. Clinical signs and symptoms include:

– neurological examinations and CT scans

– imaging tests

– cognitive testing

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, a treatment plan tailored to the individual’s injuries and symptoms follows. The treatment may include:

– medications

– surgery

– supportive treatments

– rehabilitation.

Early intervention is essential as some people recover quickly, while others require long-term care.

Support and coping strategies for individuals diagnosed with traumatic brain injury.

The journey to a full recovery from a TBI can be long and challenging emotionally and financially. Recovery is likely to involve multiple healthcare and homecare professionals, such as

– neurologists

– physical therapists

– social workers

– psychologists

– nutritionists

– homecare specialists

To cope with the emotional impact of a TBI, patients and their families find support groups and therapies helpful. It is beneficial to seek support from people who understand the condition’s challenges and complexities.

Get help and support when faced with a TBI.

Traumatic brain injury is a significant challenge for patients and their families. While the recovery process can be daunting and challenging, there is hope. Many people are resilient and often recover to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

With diagnosis, treatment, support, and acceptance, TBI patients can adapt and thrive in their new lives.

Why should I hire a lawyer after suffering a TBI in an accident?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a devastating injury that can impact every aspect of an individual’s life. When caused by a car accident, slip and fall accident, or negligence by another, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation.

Contacting an experienced brain injury lawyer is one of the most important steps to securing the patient’s future. A personal injury lawyer with experience handling TBI insurance claims can significantly help you and your family.

Care for a person with a TBI is costly. An experienced TBI lawyer will let you know if you have a recoverable claim. They will:

  1. Gather Evidence and Build a Strong Case

Brain injuries can be challenging to diagnose as the symptoms sometimes take time to present themselves. An experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer will help you gather evidence that will support your claim and build a strong case. This may involve working with experts like medical professionals, forensic engineers, and vocational specialists who understand the complexity of your injuries.

  1. Secure Financial Damages

Brain injuries can come with enormous financial costs, including medical expenses, loss of income, and mental health expenses. A personal injury lawyer can help you secure money to cover these costs. They can also seek compensation for damages not covered by insurance or worker’s compensation benefits.

  1. Navigate Complex Legal Procedures

Navigating your way through the legal system can be challenging. Even more so when you are dealing with a TBI. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you don’t have to worry about the legal process. They will handle all legal procedures, including filing all necessary paperwork, negotiating with insurance companies, and presenting your case in court.

  1. Provide Emotional Support

After a traumatic brain injury, you and your family members may face extensive emotional struggles. A compassionate lawyer will understand the challenges you are experiencing and offer you support. They can also provide resources and referrals to medical and therapeutic professionals. They can help the injured person face their emotional struggles.

In the United States alone, over 2.8 million people suffer from TBI yearly. TBI can happen to anyone, regardless of age, background, or lifestyle. A traumatic brain injury can be caused by falls, car accidents, sports injuries, or assaults.

What is the average settlement for traumatic brain injury cases?

The average settlement for traumatic brain injury cases varies significantly and depends on several factors. The factors determining the compensation received include the extent of the injury, age, and long-term prognosis.

The cost of medical treatment and loss of income due to the injury also plays a big role in determining the final settlement amount

The severity of the injury is the primary factor that affects the settlement amount. A TBI can range from a mild concussion to severe brain damage with lifelong consequences.

The patient’s age is another crucial factor that impacts the settlement amount. Younger individuals who suffer a TBI may receive a higher settlement as the injury significantly affects their future earning potential.

On the other hand, older individuals may receive lower settlements due to their limited earning potential. An experienced head injury lawyer will fight to get you the maximum financial recovery.

Trustworthy legal support for TBI accident victims

When you have experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) due to someone else’s negligence, it is crucial to safeguard your rights. Contacting a top accident lawyer who understands these types of cases is critical.

At The Yost Legal Group, we have compassionate and skilled brain injury attorneys committed to advocating for your rights. We will leave no stone unturned in investigating your claim and building the most solid case.

By entrusting us with your brain injury accident claim, you will have a team behind you, guiding and supporting you.

It is essential to work with the best personal injury lawyer for your type of claim. An experienced traumatic brain injury attorney will take the time to understand the complex nature of your injury and fight for your rights.

Working with an experienced lawyer will ensure you receive the financial compensation needed to cover your medical expenses and damages.

Get the compensation you deserve after a TBI accident

Did you or a loved one suffer a traumatic brain injury in a car accident? Did you or a loved one suffer a head injury in a slip and fall accident? Contact The Yost Legal Group for help.

Our team will carefully examine the details of your situation. We will work hard so that your rights to financial compensation are protected. The costs associated with caring for a traumatic brain injury can be substantial. We will thoroughly investigate the incident and create a comprehensive plan that addresses your medical, living, and long-term care needs.

We’ll look at the medical care you require. Review the medical records to see the amount of damage to the brain. We look at any contributory negligence. With TBI cases, there is much more to do when filing a car accident claim or a slip and fall accident claim.

The Yost Legal Group has a team of highly experienced lawyers and support staff who will advocate passionately for you. They present your case to secure the maximum recovery possible.

Contact The Yost Legal Group at 1-800-967-8529 for a free and confidential consultation. Importantly, we never require any upfront payment to represent you.

Baltimore Catholic High School Sexual Abuse Claims

 for Sexual Abuse Survivors at Catholic High School in Baltimore

CNN recently ran a story about four real-life survivor’s accounts of rampant sexual abuse against young girls in Baltimore. Four survivors shared their stories more than 50 years after priests brutally, physically, and sexually assaulted them.

It happened repeatedly at an all-girls Catholic high school in Baltimore. Sexual abuse is a heinous crime that leaves lasting scars on survivors.

Such was the case with the abuses that happened for decades at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Four survivors courageously shared their stories of physical and sexual assaults that they endured at the hands of priests.

Their accounts are harrowing and shed light on the rampant abuse that went on in the Catholic church unchecked for decades.

Uncovering the Truth of Archbishop Keough High School

Father Joseph Maskell, the school’s chaplain, was the ringmaster of the abuse at Archbishop Keough High School. In addition to Maskell, other priests, and a counselor were also involved in statutory rape and other atrocities.

They would lure the young girls into the school’s chapel, where they would physically molest and sexually assault them. They also used hot wax and bestiality, forcing the girls to participate in Satanic rituals.

They would lure the young girls into the school's chapel, where they would physically molest and sexually assault them.

The sex crimes and sexual offenses were not limited to the school. The child molestation also occurred at Maskell’s vacation home in Maryland and a church in another state. None of these young girls were at the age of consent.

Sexual assault by church leaders has left long-term emotional trauma and PTSD for hundreds of women.

A number of brave survivors who spoke to CNN gave graphic details of their abuse at the hands of these priests. One survivor said that Maskell told her he was exorcising demons from her, but instead, he was abusing her.

The girls subjected to this abuse had no one to turn to. Their parents and teachers never listened when they tried to tell them what was happening. They were often threatened with dire consequences if they dared to speak up.

Only years later, these survivors found the courage to come forward and share their stories. Sadly, by then, many of the abusers had died, and it was almost impossible to prosecute those still alive.

One of the most shocking aspects of the abuse at Archbishop Keough High School is how the Catholic Church enabled it. The church authorities knew of the abuse but covered it up for years. They would transfer the abusive priests to other dioceses instead of taking action against them.


The Child Victims Act – How the Recent Baltimore Law Affects You 

A recent report by the Baltimore Attorney General’s office documents more than 600 accounts of sexual abuse against children. The abuses happened while under the care of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

The survivors who have come forward with their stories of abuse at Archbishop Keough High School are brave. They shine a light on the dark history of the Catholic Church.

Their bravery in speaking up is commendable. We owe it to them to demand accountability from the church. No institution is above the law.

Take a Stand and Seek Justice with The Yost Legal Group

The recent passing of the Child Victims Act in Baltimore is a significant win for abuse survivors. This act allows survivors to seek justice for crimes committed against them even after decades have passed.

Many survivors of church abuse in Baltimore have lived in silence and pain for years, unable to pursue legal action. This landmark law allows individuals to seek redress and hold abusers accountable for their actions.

If you were sexually abused by the church or religious school in Baltimore, call our sexual assault lawyers. The new Child Victims Act is an opportunity to reclaim your power and seek justice for the wrongs committed against you.

Our sexual abuse lawyers know that taking legal action may be challenging. It’s worth considering what justice might look like and how it could improve your life.

Together, our child abuse attorneys can bring healing and justice to survivors of child sexual abuse.


How the Child Victims Act works and what you must do to access justice. 

Now, sexual abuse claims against churches and other institutions can be filed for years, even decades, after the abuse occurred. By exposing these crimes, you can help prevent future abuses.

If you, a friend, or a family member were sexually assaulted between 1973 to 2023 by clergy, a teacher, or a guidance counselor, contact us for help.

The Yost Legal Group can help protect you and go after the system that allowed the abuse.

We’ll fight for you, and we’ll stand up for you. We want to make sure you get the justice you deserve, as well as financial compensation to help make your life a little bit easier. You may receive compensation for the damages suffered from the abuse.

This includes money for medical expenses, lost wages, therapy and treatment, and for years of pain and suffering.

If you were sexually assaulted at Archbishop Keough High School, call The Yost Legal Group.  We are filing claims against the Archdiocese of Baltimore on behalf of women.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 1-800-Yost-Law for a free initial consultation. We will explain how you can pursue justice and financial compensation. Let us help you get the closure you deserve.

You never have to pay any fees upfront when hiring The Yost Legal Group. No money is due while we build your case and file your claim. We only get paid after we settle your case successfully. And if there is no recovery, no fees or expenses are due.

Sexual Abuse Helpline and Definitions of rape and sexual assault

Help for Sexual Assault: Hotline for sexual assault: 1-800-656-4673

Sexual Assault Definition: Sexual assault is an act in which one intentionally sexually touches another person without that person’s consent or coerces or physically forces a person to engage in a sexual act against their will.[1] It is a form of sexual violence that includes child sexual abusegropingrape (forced sexual penetration, no matter how slight), drug-facilitated sexual assault), and the torture of the person in a sexual manner.[1][2][3] (The work is released under CC-BY-SA )

Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_assault

Rape Definition: Rape is a type of sexual assault involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without their consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercionabuse of authority, or against a person who is incapable of giving valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, has an intellectual disability, or is below the legal age of consent.[1][2] The term rape is sometimes used interchangeably with the term sexual assault.[3] (The work is released under CC-BY-SA )

Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape

Information About the Allergan Breast Implant Recall

Women with Allergan Biocell® textured breast implants may be worried about reports of potential cancer risk. These implants are under investigation due to a link to a rare form of lymphoma. It is important to discuss any concerns with your doctor.

The Yost Legal Group has been working on Allergan Biocell® textured breast implant lawsuits. We are filing Allergan claims on behalf of women from all over the U.S.

In this blog post, we will provide you with important information about the Allergan breast implant recall. This includes the specific textured breast implants that have been recalled and the potential increased risks associated with these implants.

These implants cause a newer, never before seen cancer. Certain styles of Allergan implants and tissue expanders can increase your risk of cancer. Our law firm is involved in Allergan product liability cases.

If you have the Allergan Biocell® textured breast implants, call The Yost Legal Group. You have a right to file a claim if you have these breast implants. We’re filing Allergan implant cases on behalf of women across the country.

What Allergan breast implants have been recalled?

The recall includes only Allergan textured implants made specifically with the BIOCELL texturing method, which is a “macro” texturing method.

Allergan breast implant recall includes:

–       Natrelle saline breast implant styles 168, 163, 363, 468

–       Natrelle silicone breast implant styles 110, 115 & 120

–       Natrelle INSPIRA® silicone breast implants, textured styles only

–       Natrelle highly cohesive anatomically shaped silicone breast implants, 410

–       McGhan BioDementional silicone breast implant style 153

–       McGhan Croissant-Shaped Tissue Expanders, Style 134

–       Natrelle 133 tissue expanders

You can contact your doctor to find out the exact implant that was used in your breast augmentation procedure.

It’s important to be aware of the risks and options available. Recently, many surgeons have recommended the removal of Allergan textured breast implants due to the potential risk of cancer.

In fact, many women have already had the Biocell® implants removed. To learn more about the risks and options available for removing textured breast implants, consult your physician.

You can also reach out to The Yost Legal Group for a free, confidential consultation. We’re here to help you make informed decisions about your health and well-being. Filing a lawsuit against Allergan for breast implant injuries can help you get financial compensation. This could include coverage of medical bills, expenses, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is not breast cancer. It is a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that only occurs in women who have breast implants. It is essential to identify the early signs of this condition to ensure quick and effective treatment.

What are the signs of cancer from breast implants?

Cancer from breast implants is a genuine concern for many women and deserves attention.

Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is not breast cancer. It is a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that only occurs in women who have breast implants. It is essential to identify the early signs of this condition to ensure quick and effective treatment.

The main symptoms to watch out for are:

–       persistent swelling

–      the presence of a mass

–       pain around the breast implant

These symptoms may occur years after implant placement, so it is crucial to keep monitoring yourself.

Stay vigilant, and don’t hesitate to seek medical advice if you spot any of the symptoms mentioned above. Early diagnosis always means a better chance of successful treatment.

If you have been diagnosed with BIA-ALCL and have the recalled Allergan implants, it is important to contact The Yost Legal Group by calling 1-800-967-8529.

An experienced products liability attorney will discuss your rights to file an Allergan Breast Implant Cancer claim. We’ll speak with you for free and explain your options for having your Allergan implants removed. There are options for you to have them replaced with a safer implant.

Our team will discuss filing an Allergan implant lawsuit. This lawsuit can help to recover medical and hospital expenses related to a new surgery. The importance of this lawsuit will be discussed. You will also have a claim for compensation for pain and suffering.

It's important to be aware of the risks and options available. Recently, many surgeons have recommended the removal of Allergan textured breast implants due to the potential risk of cancer.

More information about Allergan textured breast implant recall lawyers.

BIA-ALCL is a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In most cases, BIA-ALCL is found in the scar tissue and fluid near the implant. However, in some cases, it can spread throughout the entire body.

Some symptoms of ALCL include persistent swelling or pain near the breast implant and the development of a mass or lump.

The Yost Legal Group is devoted to protecting women’s rights. These women have suffered from BIA-ALCL due to Allergan-textured breast implants. We’re committed to fighting for these women.

Let our legal team fight for you.

Our team of experienced product liability attorneys will work tirelessly to hold Allergan accountable for their negligence. We will represent you to ensure that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

It is important to note that not all women with Allergan-textured breast implants will develop BIA-ALCL. However, if you have any concerns about your implants, it is important to contact your doctor.

Your doctor may recommend that you have your implants removed. Or that you undergo additional testing to ensure that you do not have BIA-ALCL.

Hire an experienced defective product lawyer for your Allergan recall claim.

You can file an Allergan lawsuit if you have been diagnosed with BIA-ALCL. Additionally, if you want to have your implants removed, you are also eligible. We are here to help you understand your right to seek justice!

Contact The Yost Legal Group at 1-800-967-8529 for a free consultation with a caring and understanding Allergan breast implant attorney. One of our product liability lawyers will provide you with important information to help you through this difficult time.

We handle these cases on a no-recovery, no-fee basis. If we accept your case, it will be handled on a contingency basis.

At The Yost Legal Group, we do not charge any fees upfront. And we only get paid after we successfully settle your claim. So you never have to worry about paying legal fees while we represent you. All attorney’s fees and costs are paid when we settle your case. If there is no recovery, there are no legal fees.

Call The Yost Legal Group for help. We put our experience, compassion, and results behind every case.

Learn About the Link Between Chemical Hair Relaxers and Uterine Cancer

It was a beautiful day in June, and Grace was getting ready for work. She had been using chemical hair relaxers and straighteners for years. It was part of her beauty routine to keep her hair looking great.

Little did she know that the chemicals in these products may have been putting her at risk of developing uterine Cancer.

Grace visited her doctor when she started having vaginal bleeding and feeling pain in her pelvic region. After multiple tests and scans, the doctor came back with shocking news. Grace had uterine Cancer.

After her cancer diagnosis, an article appeared. It suggested that frequent use of certain hair relaxers could be linked to this type of Cancer. Grace knew that something needed to be done.

She searched for a law firm that was representing women with uterine Cancer due to the long-term use of hair relaxers and straighteners.

The Yost Legal Group is a leading product liability law firm representing clients nationwide. We are aiding women like Grace to take legal action against those who create hazardous hair products.

We’re currently pursuing cases for those diagnosed with uterine Cancer from exposure to chemical hair relaxers and hair straightening products.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with uterine cancer after the long-term use of hair relaxers or hair straightening products, call us. Your uterine Cancer may have been caused by using these dangerous products.

Our defective product lawyers can fight for the justice and financial compensation you deserve. Call us today at 1-800- YOST-LAW (1-800-967-8529).

Many hair relaxer products are linked to uterine cancer. Products like Soft Sheen Carson, owned by L'Oreal, Namaste owned by Dabur, Strength of Nature and Luster's brand.

Hair relaxer manufacturers knew their products were dangerous and said nothing.

Many of these hair products have been marketed to unsuspecting women without warnings about the potential risks for years. Manufacturers knew the products they sold were dangerous and hid the truth. The facts are now coming out.

We are considering cases from brands like:

Soft Sheen Carson, owned by L’Oreal – Dark & Lovely, Optimum, Bantu, Ultra Precise

Namaste owned by Dabur – ORS Olive Oil, HAIRepair, Curls, Unleashed

Strength of Nature – TCB, TCB Naturals, Just for Me, Motions, Soft & Beautiful, African Pride

Luster’s – Pink, Smooth Touch, Short Looks

Black women are primarily affected by the risk of uterine Cancer caused by harsh chemicals in hair relaxer products. Shockingly, these products don’t warn women of the dangers of uterine Cancer, ovarian Cancer, and other associated medical problems!

To file a hair straightener lawsuit, call us at 1-800-967-8529 for a free consultation. If you use any of these products, you could be at risk. If you are experiencing any medical symptoms, seek medical attention.

Black women are primarily affected by the risk of uterine Cancer caused by harsh chemicals in hair relaxer products.

Uterine Cancer is the 4th most common Cancer.

Uterine cancer ranks among the top cancers affecting women in the US, coming fourth in prevalence and sixth in cancer-related deaths. Did you know that frequent use of hair relaxers could contribute to women as young as their 20’s being diagnosed with this cancer? It’s true and a significant cause for concern.

You should look out for the following symptoms:

– Unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge

– Pain in the pelvic region

– Painful urination

– Pain during sex

– Unusual weight loss

If you have observed any of these symptoms, it’s crucial to talk to your medical practitioner about your concerns. They’ll help you screen for uterine cancer and give you the appropriate guidance.

Dangerous chemicals in hair relaxer products are linked to uterine Cancer.

Hair relaxers and straighteners are in a category of highly used cosmetic products loaded with chemicals. The chemicals are used to break the natural bonds in hair fibers. This temporarily changes the hair’s structure.

Unfortunately, many of these products contain dangerous chemicals that have been linked to health risks such as uterine Cancer. Many may not realize that harsh chemicals such as parabens, nitrosamines, bisphenol A, and formaldehyde, to name a few, are absorbed through the scalp during treatment.

This can cause burns and lesions, worsening the exposure to the scalp and into the body. The latter chemical, formaldehyde, is highly toxic to humans and has been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

But that’s not all. Chemical hair relaxers contain diethylhexylphthalate (DEHP), which is an endocrine-disrupting chemical that can interfere with hormone receptors and even cause developmental abnormalities.

You may be astonished to learn that consistent exposure can also cause damage to the reproductive system.

Don’t put your health at risk. Make informed choices and consider all alternatives before choosing a hair care regimen.

Although using these products may be convenient, it is important to be aware of their potentially hazardous chemicals. Be sure to read product labels carefully and take caution when using these products.

Hair Relaxer Lawsuits

Our hair relaxer lawyers are filing uterine cancer lawsuits against several manufacturers of hair products on behalf of women across the country. The chemical hair relaxer lawsuit covers the diagnosis of uterine sarcoma, failure to warn, manufacturing defects, and more.

Our defective product law division is filing lawsuits against the manufacturers of these dangerous products.

Click here to read an article about a study on the correlation between African American women and uterine Cancer. The study was conducted by the National Institutes of Health. Learn more by reading the article.

If you frequently used hair relaxers or straighteners over five years or more and developed Cancer, call us at 1-800-967-8529. We’ll speak with you at no cost and provide important information and guidance.

How to file a hair relaxer cancer lawsuit

At The Yost Legal Group, we want to make filing a hair relaxer cancer lawsuit as easy as possible for you.

Our attorneys are representing women in hair relaxer defective product claims. We’ll manage every stage of the legal process from start to finish. This will allow you to focus on your health and well-being.

Step 1

We will begin collecting evidence and medical records. This will help us build a strong case for you. Additionally, we will identify the brands of hair relaxers used.

Step 2

We’ll file your hair relaxer cancer lawsuit within the necessary deadlines or statute of limitations. Our attorneys will work on filing your claim quickly and efficiently.

Step 3

We’ll then move forward with negotiating a hair relaxer settlement amount with the defendant(s) on your behalf. We’ll work to get you the maximum financial compensation.

Our Fees

You never have to pay us anything upfront. We only get paid after we settle your case. And there are no fees or expenses due unless the client recovers a financial settlement. You are not responsible for any costs or expenses if we do not win your case.

Filing a hair relaxer lawsuit can help cover medical treatment costs, lost time from work, long-term medical care, and pain and suffering. It can also take a stand against companies making these harmful products. We’ll provide you with a free legal consultation to see if we can help. Call us at 1-800-967-8529.

The Yost Legal Group stands up for you.

The Yost Legal Group has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. We are passionate about fighting for the rights of the vulnerable and for people who have been harmed by the negligent acts of others. For almost 40 years, we have represented clients with compassion, professionalism, and respect.

Call us at 1-800-967-8529 for a free, confidential consultation with one of our experienced defective product attorneys.

Help for Survivors of Clergy Sexual Abuse in Baltimore

Sexual abuse is a terrible crime. It not only violates a person in a physical sense but also robs them of their innocence and dignity. There is help available for Survivors of Clergy Sexual Abuse in Baltimore. This is especially heartbreaking when those in positions of morality, such as members of the Catholic Church, are behind the abuses.

Sadly, this has been the case in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. A report was recently released. It revealed that over 600 children were sexually abused by 150 priests and other church affiliates over the past 80 years.

In this blog, we delve deeper into the report’s findings, the church’s response, and how victim-survivors can seek justice.

The Maryland Attorney General’s Office released the report. It accused the archdiocese of decades of cover-ups. It also painted a damning picture of the church’s failure to protect vulnerable children.

Shockingly, some parishes, schools, and congregations had more than one abuser at the same time. Several instances of multiple abusers were identified at St. Mark Parish in Catonsville. Between 1964 and 2004, 11 abusers lived and worked in the area.

This level of abuse and cover-up is hard to imagine and demands immediate action.

Even if your clergy sexual abuse occurred over 50 years ago, we can seek justice on your behalf.

Making the Church Accountable for Its Crimes

Based on the report’s findings, the church hierarchy has been held culpable for the staggering pervasiveness of the abuse.

The number of abusers and victims is alarming, and so is the severity of the abuser’s behavior. Shockingly, known abusers were often allowed to keep victimizing children.

The report identified 156 individuals who abused over 600 children, but the actual number of victims may be much higher than that.

The report’s disclosure sparked outrage and renewed calls for justice. Victim-survivors deserve justice, restitution, and the opportunity to heal. The Catholic Church must be held accountable for the abuse it allowed to persist for decades.

The church’s response has been a mixed bag so far. Several officials have expressed regret over the abuse, while others have remained silent.

Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore apologized publicly. In his statement, he promised to be part of the solution. He also admitted to the church’s complicity.

He asked believers to use the report’s findings to strengthen their faith. However, many survivors, advocates, and their families are not convinced.

They feel betrayed and have lost all faith in a system that allowed the abuse to go on unchecked.

A Catholic priest is a sexual predator to young boys in Baltimore.

Getting Justice for Those Sexually Abused by the Baltimore Archdiocese

The revelations of sexual abuse within the Archdiocese of Baltimore are shocking. They reveal the corruption that is ingrained in the Catholic Church. We must stand with the survivors of the abuse and demand accountability from church officials.

The Catholic Church must prioritize protecting the innocent and the vulnerable, not its image or reputation. Victims deserve not just apologies but justice – an end to these heinous abuses and the assurance of never again being victimized.

The release of this report is a step in the right direction, and it’s our hope that justice will be served. Together, let us fight for victims’ rights and stamp out sexual abuse in all its forms.

First and foremost, there is no shame in being a victim of sexual abuse. At the Yost Legal Group, we recognize the bravery of those who speak out about their experiences. We are committed to advocating for their rights.

Seeking Financial Justice for Baltimore’s Sexual Abuse Survivors

Every abuse case is unique, and that is why our child sexual abuse lawyers will discuss your situation for free.

The impact of sexual abuse can endure for many years and manifest in different ways. You may suffer from emotional, psychological, and physical trauma that requires treatment and support.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by such an ordeal, you are not alone. The Yost Legal Group can provide the help, support, and guidance you are looking for.

There are ways in which we can seek financial compensation for you as one way to fight back against your abuser.

–      If you have incurred expenses relating to therapy, medical care, and lost income.

–      You may seek compensation for pain and suffering.

–      Other related expenses throughout your life related to your mental and physical well-being.

–      Unable to build your career or advance in job opportunities.

We know that no monetary compensation can right the wrongs that were done to you. It can, however, help you regain some control over your life and help you move forward.

Seeking restitution from the institution that enabled the abuse to occur should not be confused with seeking financial gain. Our sexual abuse attorney division will stand up for you with dignity and respect.

Punishment for those who contributed to the trauma should include economic and legal repercussions. There is now a new law that removes the statute of limitations for adult survivors in the state of Maryland.

The Yost Legal Group is helping survivors of Catholic Church Sexual Abuse claims.


A Catholic priest is a sexual predator to young boys in Baltimore.

The Yost Legal Group Is Here to Help

At the Yost Legal Group, we have experience representing men and women who are sexual abuse survivors by the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

We understand that each case is unique and requires a high level of sensitivity, discretion, and compassion. A clergy sexual abuse lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the justice and compensation that you rightfully deserve.

No amount of money can give back what was taken from you. However, holding accountable those who contributed to your trauma can provide a path to healing and recovery. It is your right to take legal action against the catholic priests and their sexual offenses.

The road to recovery can be challenging, but with the right team of professionals by your side, it can be made easier. Contact the Yost Legal Group today and let us help you take the first step towards finding peace of mind.

For too long, vulnerable targets of sexual abuse have been silenced and their trauma ignored. At the Yost Legal Group, a sexual abuse lawyer will fight for your rights while maintaining your privacy. If you have been molested by someone in the church, there is help for sexual abuse survivors.

If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual abuse by the Archdiocese of Baltimore, don’t suffer in silence. Call a sexual assault lawyer today at 1-800-Yost-Law. Let us help you seek the justice and compensation that you deserve.

Together, we can work towards you taking your power back.

Exactech Looks to Save Money—and Limit Victims’ Rights—by Offering Third-Party Payouts

In June 2021, Exactech issued recalls of the Exactech Connexion GXL hip liner and the Optetrak and Optetrak Logic knee implants due to premature device failures. To inform implant recipients of their respective device recall, Exactech sent letters to implantees, offering to cover out-of-pocket expenses to have the implant revised.

In return for covering revision costs, Exactech required the implantee sign a release, which waived the company of legal responsibility for device failure. In other words, Exactech sought to pay off victims in exchange for agreeing not to pursue litigation.

The devices failed due to the use of non-industry-standard polyethylene liners and improper storage, which exposed the liners to oxygen, causing rapid deterioration. As a result of Exactech’s malfeasance, victims have developed osteolysis (bone degeneration) as their implants oxidized and broke down within their bodies. This severe condition has left people with damage beyond what a simple revision surgery can repair.

In the letter, Exactech recommended patients with the recalled implants follow up with an orthopedic doctor to test for osteolysis via X-Ray. If signs of osteolysis were present on the X-ray, the letter urged patients to contact Broadspire, a third-party organization hired by Exactech to pay off injured individuals.

However, Exactech was not offering this payout from the goodness of their heart. The real reason Exactech offered the upfront reward was to convince victims to waive their legal rights. After all, a long, drawn-out lawsuit with a potential jury-awarded payout in the end would cost Exactech significantly more money than payment upfront with no lawsuit.

Exactech has chosen to work with Broadspire to sweep their wrongdoing under the proverbial rug and avoid paying those harmed by their many defective products the money they truly deserve.

If you or a loved one has an Exactech hip or knee implant, call The Yost Legal Group at 1-800-YOST-LAW (1-800-967-8529) or email us at info@yostlaw.com today for a free consultation. We are investigating claims of those harmed by the defective Exactech hip and knee implants and fighting to get people the compensation they truly deserve. There is no fee or expense unless you recover.

Spastic Quadriplegia: What Is It and Why Does It Happen?

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a neurological condition caused by an injury to or abnormal development of the parts of the brain that control movement, resulting in lifelong motor and muscular disabilities. The injury is most common in utero but can occur during childbirth or shortly thereafter.

Babies suffering from cerebral palsy show physical developmental setbacks such as the inability to roll over, crawl, stand, or walk relative to their same-aged peers. Long term, patients diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia are wheelchair dependent, have little to no control of their arms and legs, and often have speech, vision, and hearing deficits.

Birth injuries like spastic quadriplegia (also known as spastic tetraplegia) are often the result of medical malpractice before, during, or just after childbirth. Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are intricate processes that require the utmost care. As educated and trained professionals, medical providers should consistently and effectively monitor babies’ heart rates and the contraction progressions of the mothers throughout the labor and birthing process. Routine monitoring can help prevent a baby’s suffering a loss of oxygen, which can lead to severe—even deadly— onsequences.

When complications occur, but the baby and mother were monitored correctly, medical providers should be able to promptly identify any fetal distress and respond immediately. In doing so, the provider can help prevent permanent injury to all parties involved. However, a lack of oxygen to the newborn during labor and delivery is a medical emergency and, without immediate intervention, can result in permanent injuries to the brain such as spastic quadriplegia.

There is no cure for any form of cerebral palsy, including spastic quadriplegia, but there are treatments available to help parents manage the symptoms as they raise their children. Unfortunately, the cost of care for a child with these conditions is very high and often times out of reach of the people who need it most.

If you believe your child’s cerebral palsy may have been caused by a medical mistake, the experienced birth injury lawyers at The Yost Legal Group are here to help. Call The Yost Legal Group today at 1-800-YOST-LAW (967-8529) for a FREE, confidential, no-obligation consultation. When you call, you will speak with a Baltimore birth injury attorney with real experience, absolutely free.

In Win for Plaintiffs, Judicial Panel Consolidates Exactech Litigation in a Northeast Court

In a recent blog post, we discussed the hearing on September 29th, 2022 to determine where the Exactech multidistrict litigation (MDL) would take place. The primary locations being considered were the Eastern District of Louisiana, the Northern District of Florida, and the Southern or Eastern District of New York State.

Since our last post, the Judicial Panel of Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) has assigned the Exactech MDL to U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis in the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn. This consolidation is in favor of the plaintiffs, who had requested the MDL be held in the Eastern District of New York.

The plaintiffs stated that Exactech developed the Optetrak knee device at a hospital in Brooklyn, and therefore, the New York area residents were more likely than others to receive the faulty implant. Although Exactech, the defendant, agreed to the MDL, the company wanted the litigation to take place in either the Northern District of Florida, the Eastern District of Louisiana, or in South Carolina. Exactech was especially partial to Florida since the corporation is headquartered in Gainesville.

As always, we here at The Yost Legal Group will keep you up to date about all major happenings in this litigation. You are also free to follow the case on the United States Judicial Panel of Multidistrict Litigation website. The JPML has assigned the case number MDL No. 3044 to the Exactech litigation.

With the MDL consolidated, all open Exactech cases in District Courts across the U.S. will now be transferred to the Eastern District Court of New York. With hundreds, even thousands of individuals potentially impacted, consolidating the cases will help expedite the process and make it easier for victims and their legal representatives to seek justice.

If you or a loved one has an Exactech implant, call to speak with one of our experienced Exactech lawyers today. Our firm is working diligently to file Exactech lawsuits for those who have suffered from a faulty Exactech product. Call 1-800-YOST- LAW (967-8529) or e-mail us at info@yostlaw.com for a free consultation. There is no fee or expense unless you recover.

Sharing the Road: Motorcycle Safety Tips

Now that it’s fall the leaves are changing, the air is turning crisp, and you may be starting to long for that open road. We get it, we’ve got a lot of avid motorcycle riders in our office, we’re right there with you – which is one of the many reasons why we are also strong advocates for motorcycle safety and awareness.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Maryland Riders and Drivers

In Maryland there is an average of 70 motorcycle fatalities every year. The most common causes of motorcycle crashes are:

  • Inattentiveness of the driver and/or motorcyclist
  • Drug/alcohol use
  • Improper safety equipment

Often when a motorcyclist is involved in a fatal crash the driver of the vehicle may not see them at all until it is too late. Below are some safety tips to help keep motorcyclists and drivers alike safe:

  • Share the road with motorcyclists and always look twice before changing lanes
  • Minimize blind spots
  • Ride so that you are always visible
  • Signal early and always
  • Always wear a U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant helmet – these usually have a sticker or a stamp reading “DOT” to indicate that they have been validated as meeting safety specifications.

In fact, Maryland takes motorcycle safety equipment like helmets and eye protection so seriously that we have a universal helmet law to ensure that all riders wear helmets and eye protection at all times. However, if you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident and caught without safety equipment don’t worry – this law also protects the rider from liability in the event of a crash.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle or car accident please call The Yost Legal Group for help. We’ll speak with you for free to discuss your situation and to help you to understand your rights. If we take your case we will do so on a no win/no fee basis.  That means you do not pay a fee or expense unless you recover.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, call 1-800-YOST-LAW (1-800-967-8529) to speak to one of our attorneys today.