Exactech Offers Compensation for Faulty Hip—In Exchange for Your Legal Rights

In June of 2021, many orthopedic surgeons received a letter stating Exactech’s polyethylene hip implant had been recalled. The recall was due to the high failure rate of these devices. The implants were marketed to last between 15 to 20 years, but instead were failing around the 3-to-6-year mark. These failures led to discomfort and pain, and often, the only way to alleviate the symptoms was for the victims to undergo additional surgeries.

Exactech’s Connexion GXL hip implant is a medical device used in total hip replacements. This is a “metal on plastic” hip implant, featuring an acetabular liner made of a plastic known as polyethylene. These implants are failing due to the polyethylene liners deteriorating. The deterioration exposes the metal, causing the metal components within the implant to rub together, leading the device to breakdown prematurely.

The standard hip implant should have a failure rate of less than 1% per year, meaning at the 10-year mark, 90% should still be functioning. That has not been the case for those with the Exactech hip implant. A study revealed the average time to failure for individuals with Exactech’s Connexion GXL hip implant was just over 4 years. By comparison, the industry standard has most hip implants lasting between 10-15 years.

Exactech Looks to Avoid Legal Action After High Failure Rate Forces Recall of the Connexion GXL Hip Implant

After announcing the recall, Exactech hired the company Broadspire to reach out to those with their implants to see if they were having complications. For those suffering from complications, Broadspire has offered compensation to cover the revision surgery. However, the people who chose to accept the compensation had to first agree to waive their rights to future legal action against Exactech, ensuring that the injured cannot collect payment for the pain and suffering they had suffered.

Broadspire was hired by Exactech to save the company money. They are looking out for Exactech, not those who were harmed by the device. If you have the Exactech Connexion GXL hip implant and are suffering from complications DO NOT sign a contract with Broadspire. Doing so will waive your right to legal action and your ability to claim compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced.

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FDA Issues Safety Warning for Zecuity Migraine Patch, Warns of Burn and Scar Risk

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers that a medical device used to treat migraine headaches may cause serious injuries.

The Zecuity Patch uses the drug sumatriptan to treat the symptoms of acute migraine headaches. The patch is designed to be worn on the thigh or upper arm for periods of up to four hours, and uses a battery-powered system to deliver sumatriptan into the user’s bloodstream.

The FDA is now warning that the Zecuity patch has caused severe burns and permanent scarring in many patients. The FDA advises Zecuity users to remove the patch immediately at the first sign of pain or discomfort.

Patients that have worn the Zecuity patch have experienced serious injuries including:

  • Severe redness
  • Pain
  • Skin discoloration
  • Blistering
  • Scarring
  • Cracked skin
  • Burns

Click here to read the entire FDA Drug Safety Communication.

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