Yost Legal Group Selects Recipient of 2018 College Essay Scholarship

As always, Yost Legal Group is thrilled by any opportunity to help students in our community succeed. This year, the Yost Legal Group 2018 College Scholarship Essay Program welcomed submissions from current or prospective undergraduate students attending accredited universities and colleges.

This year’s recipient was awarded a $1,000 scholarship toward tuition to help them pursue their chosen field of study. The chosen topic this year was “How to Change a Negative Societal Problem in the United States.”

This Year’s Recipient

This year’s winner of the Yost Legal Group 2018 College Scholarship Essay Program—Niko Eppolito— wrote about the rising costs of college tuition across the United States. His potential solutions including spending cuts and a tuition cap to reduce the burden on students and parents.

After meeting his general education requirements at a local community college, he was accepted into the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UWL) to earn his Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Accounting and Economics.

During his time at UWL, he entered the Integrated Core Program through the College of Business. Once there, he received multiple scholarships and an internship as a Business Systems Analyst with a major manufacturer. He serves as treasurer for the volunteer organization Advocates for Children.

The entire staff at Yost Legal Group offers Niko our congratulations. We know he will put this award to the greatest possible use.

Our Thanks to All Respondents

The staff of Yost Legal Group extends our thanks to every student who participated this year. We found every submission enlightening and informative. We wish all of you a bright future