Road Rage Incidents Can Lead to Deadly Results

Most car, truck and motorcycle accidents are just that, accidents. However, sometimes it is the deliberate actions of irresponsible drivers that cause such collisions. Drivers on Baltimore highways and bypasses should be familiar with the term “road rage,” as it is to blame for many unnecessary and avoidable crashes.

There are multiple signs of road rage, including; tailgating another driver, the deliberate acceleration or deceleration too close to another vehicle, the cutting-off of another vehicle, slamming on brakes in front of another car, unsafe lane changes, constant honking of horn, and displaying inappropriate hand signals or yelling at another driver.

Road rage and aggressive driving contribute to hundreds of accidents every year. This week, in Annapolis, a murder trial begins against a New Jersey police officer who is accused of shooting a Lansdowne man on the side of the Route 3 ramp to I-97.

Joseph Walker shot and killed Joseph Harvey, Jr. after the two pulled their cars off to the side of the road after an angry exchange on the highway. The two were swerving and yelling at each other after their cars almost collided. Both men got out of their vehicles, exchanged words, resulting with Walker shooting Harvey three times. Harvey was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Walker’s legal team is arguing self-defense in the deadly shooting of Harvey, however, where the blame lies is not nearly as important as the fact that this altercation involving road rage was highly avoidable.

When caught in the midst of a road rage incident, the best decision to make is to allow the other driver as much space as possible in order to avoid an unnecessary collision. If possible, get out of the way of aggressive drivers in order to preserve the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Not all victims of road rage can avoid an accident and these collisions can lead to serious personal injury and even death. The Yost Legal Group accident & injury law firm has helped thousands of people fight back against the negligent conduct of others.

Aggressive driving is a traffic offense, however, road rage can at times be considered a criminal offence. If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of another aggressive driver’s actions, contact The Yost Legal Group lawyers representing people in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Pennsylvania. An experienced attorney will review the details of your case and help determine the best course of action.

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