Nothing is Better Than a Ride Into The Sunset.

There is nothing like the freedom of riding your motorcycle on a warm and leisurely weekend afternoon, soaking in the sun and the sights.  Your only limitation is when the road ends…or until you get hungry.  Sometimes you may ride with friends in a group, or you just want to be a lone wolf for the day.  Either way, the thrill of cruising is what you live for all week long.

As an attorney and a rider, I am intimately aware of the dangers of the road. Every year I receive calls from riders or a family member of a rider, who was injured on a bike, simply minding their own business and enjoying the ride.

The fact is, that the majority of motorcycle accidents occur because other drivers are not paying attention. And a motorcycle, being small in size, can be easily missed. This personal experience comes with a responsibility that certain riders may not like discussing, and that is Motorcycle Safety.

When experiencing the thrill of the road, the last thing a biker may want to think about is their responsibility to friends and family, and that is to return safely home to their friends and family.  At The Yost Legal Group, we would like to put a positive spin on being safe on two wheels, and that is that taking precautions when riding helps ensure many more pleasure cruises down the road.

The subject of helmets may be touchy, but they may be the difference between life and death, paralysis, or traumatic brain injuries.  Here are some helmet laws for Maryland:

Helmet Required:  Yes

Visor Required:  Yes

Look for the “DOT” certification

Avoid “bucket” helmets that don’t cover your chin, ears, or jawline, which helps prevent head trauma

Many accidents are caused by automobile operators who do not give bikers the proper respect. Here are some additional tips when dealing with careless drivers:

Preventing Dangers to Motorcyclists

  • Make sure your bike is well-lit with functional head-and-tail lights, and that your clothing is bright and visible to other motorists
  • Be sure that your apparel is thick and durable to prevent skin abrasions.  There is , after all, a reason why bikers wear leather
  • Be sure that you maintain a safe distance from other motor vehicles
  • Be careful when passing cars because motorcycles may be loud, but they easily get lost in a car or truck’s blind spot

The catch-22 of motorcycle-riding is that the risk and fun go hand-in-hand.  It is possible to mitigate that risk, and still enjoy the thrill of the open road.  However, if fate deals you a somber hand and you have been involved in an accident, then take a look at our Motorcycle Accident page for more information, or contact us directly.  The Yost Legal Group wishes you good riding and open roads.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in a motorcycle accident, a car accident or any other type of accident call The Yost Legal Group for help. We’ll speak with you for free to discuss your situation and help you to understand your rights. If we take your case we will do so on a no win/no fee or expense basis only.  That means you do not pay a fee or expense unless you recover.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, call 1-800-YOST-LAW (1-800-967-8529) to speak to one of our attorneys today.

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