Defective Medical Devices Can Have Devastating Consequences

Manufacturers of medical devices have an obligation to ensure the safety of their products. The effects of a faulty device can be devastating.  Companies that fail in their duty to keep patients safe must be held fully accountable.

If you received a hip replacement from the Stryker Orthopedics Corporation, you could be entitled to compensation. Their Stryker Rejeuvenate and ABG-11 modular-neck hip systems were recalled as a result of their harmful effects on many patients, including:

  • Pain
  • Difficulty Walking
  • Inflammation
  • Squeaky Hips
  • Metallosis
  • General Discomfort

These side effects are a result of potential metallosis, or metal ion poisoning from small particles of metal rubbing against one another. The Stryker hips are made entirely of metal, which fragments when rubbed together.

Although an average hip replacement can last for 15 years or more, Stryker patients are seeing complications as soon as 5 years or less past their surgery. Over 20,000 patients have received Stryker hips and now stand at risk.

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Stryker Corp Faces Another Large Settlement in Fraud Case

Stryker Corporation has announced a major settlement of almost $1.5 billion dollars to be paid to thousands of patients injured by their metal-on-metal Rejuvenate and ABG II Model hip implants. The company now finds itself at the center of another controversy involving one of its subsidiaries, OtisMed, and another dangerously defective piece of medical equipment.

Stryker Corp acquired OtisMed, a California-based medical device company, in 2009. After the merger, Stryker helped oversee the creation and distribution of OtisKnee, a device sold to hospitals as a guide to assist surgeons during knee replacement procedures.

Despite the fact that OtisMed sold over 18,000 OtisKnee guides between 2006 and 2009, resulting in an estimated $27 million profit, the company never received FDA approval for their device. The FDA in fact rejected their product as unsafe in 2009, but this did not deter former OtisMed CEO Charlie Chi from ordering the shipment of 218 OtisKnee devices to doctors and surgeons across the country.

Charlie Chi has since pled guilty to three counts of fraud and faces up to three years in prison. He has been released on $500,000 bail pending a sentencing hearing on March 18th. While Stryker maintains that they were not aware of the FDA’s rejection of the OtisKnee system prior to their 2009 merger, this case still places the embattled company firmly in the center of another major defective medical device controversy.

Medical device manufacturers have an obligation to the patients and doctors who utilize these devices, to follow the proper safety guidelines and deliver the safest, FDA approved product possible. When companies like OtisMed and Stryker Corp betray that obligation and put company gains over consumer safety, it creates a major public health problem. Medical device manufacturers must be held accountable for the tragic and unfortunate complications they cause to unsuspecting patients and doctors.

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