The Yost Legal Group Helps Baltimore Family Secure $1,900,000 Settlement in Lead Exposure Case

Exposure to lead paint is a dangerous and widespread health epidemic in the United States. The CDC estimates that 4 million homes in the U.S have children that are being exposed to lead. Many of those homes are located right here in Baltimore.

In 1995, two twin girls were born in Baltimore. In 1996, the family moved into rental property, a row house in northwest Baltimore. The Landlord painted the property before the family moved in, but he didn’t take the time to remove old, peeling paint first. Because there was old, flaking paint under the new, fresh paint, it didn’t take long for the paint all over the house to chip, flake and fall to the floor.

The twin girls’ mother had no idea that this paint contained lead, and that her daughters were being exposed to dangerous amounts of lead every day while they learned to crawl and walk.

In October 1997, after the young girls and their mother had been living in the Landlord’s rental property for almost two years, the twin girls’ blood was tested for lead. Both girls were found to have lead levels in the 20’s, which is more than 400% higher than the current action level for pediatricians set by the CDC. The girls were continuously exposed to the dangerous and toxic lead in the rental home until April 1998 when they moved out of the property.

In April 1998, one of the twin girls was diagnosed with a speech disorder, and needed special education throughout her time in school. Testing by a neuropsychologist when the one twin was 19 years old showed that she had the reading ability of a 4th grader, and that her IQ was lower than 94% of people her own age. Her sister had behavior problems starting around age 3, which continued into her adult life and she was suspended from school numerous times. She also had difficulty getting and keeping jobs due to her difficulty with behavior.

The mother of the girls alleged in their lawsuit against the Landlord that they were poisoned by lead from his property, and that lead poisoning had caused their learning and behavioral problems. The mother and daughters settled their case against the Landlord before trial for $1,900,000.

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Children Exposed To Lead Are More Likely To Commit Violent Crimes

Lead poisoning has been known for decades to cause brain damage and new research shows that lead poisoning is linked to violent crime. Lead is a toxin that damages the parts of the brain that control impulses, emotions, and a person’s ability to pay attention. Studies from the University of Cincinnati and the University of Pittsburgh found that children exposed to lead are more likely to commit violent crimes as adults because of brain damage caused by lead poisoning.

Most children are exposed to lead in their own homes from poorly maintained paint that contains lead. In 1978, the federal government made it illegal to use lead paint in homes, but there is no law that requires a property owner to remove lead paint from a home, so many older homes still contain lead paint today. Most parents are not aware of the danger of chipping paint in their homes, or of the lasting effects of lead poisoning.

The Yost Legal Group is a law firm with more than twenty years of experience in representing children and the parents of children who have been poisoned by lead. We have helped hundreds of children obtain monetary compensation for their lead poisoning injuries. The experienced attorneys at the Yost Legal Group can help investigate your or your child’s claim for lead poisoning.

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