Maryland Elementary School Students Exposed to Lead Due to Contaminated Water Pipes

Lead contamination and lead poisoning continue to be major health and safety issues impacting children and families throughout Baltimore and the state of Maryland. Recently, an elementary school in Landover Hills, Maryland was forced to hand out bottled water to students following the discovery of dangerous levels of lead in many of the water fountains and sinks at Glenridge Elementary School. Parents are worried that their children may have unknowingly been exposed to and ingested lead.

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Lead is an extremely toxic metal, and when young children are exposed to even a small amount of lead, the consequences can be devastating and permanent. Lead poisoning can cause symptoms including:

  • Delayed developmental growth
  • Aggressive and/or antisocial behavior
  • Learning disabilities
  • ADD or ADHD

In more extreme cases, lead poisoning can also cause more acute and potentially deadly medical problems such as brain swelling (encephalitis), convulsions and coma.

Earlier this year it was estimated that as many as 56,000 children in Baltimore City could be at risk of lead poisoning due to hazardous, decaying lead paint found on the interiors and exteriors of many old homes in low-income neighborhoods.  Whether children are exposed to lead in their drinking water, in the soil, or even in their own homes, it can cause a lifetime of serious health issues.

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Maryland to Expand Lead Poisoning Tests to Include All Children Ages 1 and 2

Lead poisoning is a serious health issue that has plagued some of Baltimore’s most vulnerable neighborhoods for generations. Exposure to lead paint, especially in young children, can cause serious physical and neurological damage. Unfortunately, many families living in homes that contain lead are not aware of the problem until it is too late.

Now, a new law announced on Monday, 10/28 by Governor Larry Hogan, will make lead poisoning tests mandatory for all Maryland children between the ages of 1 and 2. This new policy will ensure that over 175,000 children statewide are tested for elevated levels of lead in their bloodstream within their first two years. Testing children for lead exposure at an early age is a crucial step towards preventing serious and irreversible physical and developmental problems later in life.

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If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with elevated levels of lead in your blood, you may be entitled to compensation.

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