Recent Series of Pedestrian Accidents Cause Delays, Safety Concerns

A series of pedestrian accidents, including two hit-and-runs, has left three Maryland residents fatally injured and at least one other in critical condition. Beginning during the evening of Saturday, January 31st and continuing through to Monday night, 3 separate and unrelated accidents have caused serious public concern while also contributing to long delays along major Baltimore roadways.

One accident took place at around 9:15pm on Sunday, February 1st along the Baltimore-Maryland Parkway. Police say that two motorists had stopped along the side of the road to repair a flat tire when they were struck by a car that continued driving without stopping. One victim was pronounced dead shortly after Police arrived at the scene, while the other was transported to a local hospital with what has been described as injuries that were serious, but not life-threatening.

Roughly 24 hours prior to this accident, another pedestrian was struck and killed on the Parkway north of Route 100 in the Hanover area. This accident also involved a motorist who was struck by a vehicle after exiting her car along the side of the road.

The final and most recent accident took place on Interstate 95 at around 9:15pm Monday night. This accident also left a pedestrian fatally injured and forced Police to shut down I-95 Northbound for about 2 ½ hours while they conducted their investigation. The full details of this accident are still unclear at this time. Police are still investigating all three of these cases and are urging anyone with any information to call Maryland State Police at 410-761-5130.

A 2013 report by the Governors Highway Safety Association found that pedestrian deaths in Maryland increased between 2012 and 2013 from 45 to 58. Full data from 2014 is not yet available, but thus far in 2015, 4 pedestrians have been killed on Maryland roads after being struck by moving vehicles. The fact that three of those four deaths took place between Saturday and Monday night is extremely concerning and stresses the importance of being cautious when exiting your vehicle, especially during evening hours. Data suggests that nearly one in three pedestrian fatalities occurs between the hours of 8 and 11:59pm.

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Baltimore City Officials Approve Funding For New Bike Lanes

Riding a bicycle to commute to work or school is quickly becoming the preferred means of transportation for a growing number of Baltimore residents. According to data collected during the 2013 census, 0.7% of Baltimore City residents, or roughly 4,300 people, reported using bikes to commute to work. Baltimore currently ranks 40th out of 70 major American cities in terms of friendliness towards cyclists, but a new measure passed by Baltimore City officials will aim to make the city’s streets safer and more accessible for large numbers of cyclists.

Maryland currently averages around 7 cycling fatalities per year, and as the number of bicycles on Baltimore’s streets continues to rise, there is a growing concern about the safety of cyclists and the lack of bike lanes in many busy areas of the city. For this reason, Baltimore City’s Board of Estimates recently passed a measure that approved $300,000 in funding to install more bike lanes on major roads and create what will be known as a “Downtown Bicycle Network.” This Network will be partially comprised of a 2.6 mile stretch of new bike lanes along Maryland Avenue that will help partition car and bicycle traffic.

Since the 2006 creation of the Baltimore City Master Bike plan, the city has installed more than 100 miles of bike-only traffic lanes as well as 39 miles of off-road trails. The entire project, including the newly approved Downtown Bicycle Network, is aimed at promoting cycling as a viable and safe alternative means of transportation. Biking to work is environmentally friendly, a great form of exercise, and leaves less cars on the streets to cause heavy congestion.

Until these new bike lanes are finished, however, commuters who cycle to work in Baltimore must remain vigilant and cautious on the road. Always wear a helmet, stay in designated bike lanes whenever possible, and use these standard hand signals to alert other drivers and cyclists of your intentions.

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